Injury Report — 5/6

Jeff Davis provides an update in today's edition of the Injury Report.

Hello and welcome to the Injury Report!

The Injury Report is a biweekly article, published on Mondays and Fridays, where I aim to detail approximately five relevant injuries that have occurred over the past few days or provide an update on the injury of a prominent MLB player. I will try to incorporate the available information as well as my own knowledge and experience in order to approximate a return date in each case, noting the individual characteristics of the injuries and of the players themselves.

If you have questions regarding an injury not detailed in this article, feel free to comment below, and I will give my best effort to provide a timely update.


Steven Matz – Left Arm Discomfort


Steven Matz is experiencing a nerve-related issue in his left arm. He will be examined by team doctors on Monday. It is not yet clear what nerve is affected, though it is likely the ulnar nerve as it passes through the elbow. In late 2017, Matz had this nerve surgically re-positioned. We should know more after that evaluation, but this has the potential to an extended absence.

Estimated return: Pending examination today. Surgical intervention may be required.


Cody Bellinger – Right Shoulder Soreness


Cody Bellinger has experienced right shoulder soreness dating back to Friday (5/3). Bellinger has returned to throwing and has hit in the batting cage without continued discomfort and should be able to return to the lineup in the short term. There is potential for reduced power when he returns, as this is his front shoulder while batting, though even if this is the case it shouldn’t hamper him for too long.

Estimated return: Early this week.


James Paxton – Left Knee Inflammation


James Paxton left his Friday (5/3) start due to discomfort in his left knee. No concerns were noted with results of an MRI. Brian Cashman has stated that Paxton will miss a maximum of three weeks, so we will use that as our timetable for now. Paxton should be able to continue throwing throughout his recovery.

Estimated return: Late-May.


Blake Treinen – Right Elbow Discomfort


Blake Treinen was unavailable over the weekend due to discomfort in his right elbow. Treinen will be evaluated on Monday. It is reported that the anti-inflammatory medication Treinen took is helping and that Treinen was experiencing less pain Sunday than Saturday. We likely have some form of inflammatory condition that could require a two-to-four week absence, though we will have a much better idea after he is evaluated.

Estimated return: Evaluated today, which will inform our timetable.


Jameson Taillon – Right Elbow Flexor Strain


Jameson Taillon has been placed on the 10-day IL due to a right elbow flexor strain. A recent MRI revealed that Taillon’s UCL is intact, though Taillon is seeking a second opinion from the doctor who performed his previous UCL repair. Taillon will not throw for at least four weeks. Assuming he recovers well over that time he may be able to return for the start of the second half of the season.

Estimated return: Mid-July.

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

4 responses to “Injury Report — 5/6”

  1. Let's Play Two says:

    Hi Jeff.

    Was Clevinger’s lat strain a grade 2 like Severino? Clev seems to be on pace for a pre-All Star break return and Severino post-All Star break.

    • Jeff Davis says:

      Clevinger strained his right teres major, which is a different (and much smaller) muscle than a lat. The smaller teres major assists the lat in some actions but is entirely distinct. He is moving faster than Severino because this smaller muscle is able to heal faster and Severino has sustained concurrent injuries (rotator cuff injury).

  2. Adam says:

    Any quick thoughts (or a return projection) on David Price?

    • Jeff Davis says:

      I’ve seen “elbow tendinitis” thrown about without specifying a particular muscle. Odds are it’s either the biceps or triceps in some fashion, so I went ahead and grabbed some recent examples of SPs with each injury:
      Triceps tendinitis:
      Foltynewicz – 9 days missed.
      Darvish – Season ending.

      … Clearly a lot of variation here, and limited examples available.

      Biceps tendinitis:
      Kershaw – 25 days.
      Pomeranz – 41 days.

      There are more examples of biceps tendinitis in SPs and they aggregate around the 20-40 day range. It seems to be the more prevalent injury for SPs.

      Hope this helps until we get more official information.

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