Injury Report – 6/3

Jeff Davis provides an update in today's edition of the Injury Report.

Hello and welcome to the Injury Report!

This roundup is a biweekly article, published on Mondays and Fridays, where I aim to detail approximately five relevant injuries that have occurred over the past few days or provide an update on the injury of a prominent MLB player. I will try to incorporate the available information as well as my own knowledge and experience to approximate a return date in each case, noting the individual characteristics of the injuries and of the players themselves.

If you have questions regarding an injury not detailed in this article, feel free to comment below, and I will give my best effort to provide a timely update.


Yoan Moncada – Leg Soreness


Yoan Moncada did not crack the starting lineup Sunday due to leg soreness. Not a lot of information was provided, though it was indicated that this is not a serious injury. Moncada should return to the lineup Tuesday.

Estimated return: Tuesday.


Mike Moustakas – Right D4 Fracture


Mike Moustakas fractured his right ring finger after being hit in the hand Saturday. It appears Moustakas is aiming to avoid the IL, which is a possibility—though he will be playing through significant pain. A finger fracture will take approximately four to six weeks to heal. Depending on his pain, Moustakas could see a reduction in power if he tries to play through the injury.

Estimated return: Will try to avoid the IL, though recovery timetable is four to six weeks.


Clint Frazier – Left Elbow Contusion


Clint Frazier was struck by a pitch in the left elbow. X-rays came back negative, and this does not appear to be a serious concern. Frazier was able to return to the lineup Sunday, and there’s no indication he will miss any further time.

Estimated return: Returned to regular play.


Jacob deGrom – Right Hip Cramp


Jacob deGrom was removed from his Saturday start due to hip cramping. This appears to have been a precautionary removal, and deGrom is expected to make his next start.

Estimated return: Next scheduled start.


Joey Gallo – Left Oblique Strain


Joey Gallo injured his left oblique Saturday. No grade of strain has been identified, but a conservative estimate would be a two- to four-week absence while he recovers. If official timetables are released, or the strain is found to be more severe than Grade 1, then his timetable will need to be adjusted.

Estimated return: Early July.

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

7 responses to “Injury Report – 6/3”

  1. GHFW says:

    Any word on Tommy Pham?

    • Jeff Davis says:

      It seems odd that he’s yet to return. MRI came back clean, and we’re still defining the injury as a cramp. With the off-day yesterday, the hope is he is in the lineup today (Tuesday).

  2. Bmill88 says:

    I also saw a report that said X-rays came back negative (right hand bruise) for Moustakas. I know he fractured the tip of his right ring finger initially on 4/20 [and has been playing through it] so is this timetable based on a reaggravation of that previous injury? Thanks!

    • Jeff Davis says:

      You’re absolutely right, and the fracture hasn’t appeared to slow him down to this point. I was mistaken and saw a report listing a new fracture however upon further research it seems to be a right hand contusion and that X-rays only identified his previous right finger fracture. A better analysis of his situation would be soreness for a few days (which may have passed us at the this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moustakas play today) due to the contusion followed by a return to his pre-HBP status – while he wasn’t necessarily healthy he was definitely effective!

      Thank you for bringing that to light!

  3. Chucky says:

    Any news on Avisail?

    • Jeff Davis says:

      The Rays sent a RP down rather than moving Garcia to the IL so they seem to think he will be able to play within the next few days. Hopefully he can return today following yesterday’s off day.

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