Injury Report 8/23: Every Player’s DL Situation

Jeff Davis provides an abbreviated edition of the Injury Report.

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Due to real life circumstances, I’ve had to leave this Injury Report short. I took the time to gather and analyze the new injuries that have occurred, placed them in a table, and provided some thoughts on each. No Updates or removals are available with this addition, but please feel free to comment below with any questions you may have – I should be able to get to them periodically. My aim is to be back to business as usual for next Thursday’s report.

With that said, let’s jump in:

Team DL Pos Player Inj. Date Injury Timetable Est. Return Countdown
ATL C Kurt Suzuki 8-21-18 L Elbow contusion DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
ATL RP A.J. Minter 8-18-18 Back tightness DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
CHC 10 SS Addison Russell 8-19-18 L D3 sprain 2-4 weeks 9-1-18 0y 0m 10d
CLE 10 OF Rajai Davis 8-20-18 Illness 2 weeks 9-1-18 0y 0m 10d
CWS 10 1B Jose Abreu 8-22-18 Abdominal surgery 3-4 weeks 9-15-18 0y 0m 24d
CWS 10 OF Leury Garcia 8-20-18 L Hamstring strain (2) 4-6 weeks 4-1-19 0y 7m 10d
HOU OF George Springer 8-20-18 L Quad soreness DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
KC OF Jorge Bonifacio 8-21-18 Back stiffness DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
LAD 10 RP J.T. Chargois 8-20-18 Nerve irritation in neck 2-4 weeks 9-7-18 0y 0m 16d
LAD 10 RP Zac Rosscup 8-19-18 L Calf strain 2-4 weeks 9-4-18 0y 0m 13d
LAA 3B David Fletcher 8-22-18 L Foot contusion DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
LAA 10 OF Justin Upton 8-21-18 L D2 Laceration 2-4 weeks 9-7-18 0y 0m 16d
NYY 10 RP Aroldis Chapman 8-21-18 L Knee tendinitis 2-4 weeks 9-4-18 0y 0m 13d
NYY RP David Robertson 8-21-18 R Shoulder discomfort DTD 8-26-18 0y 0m 4d
PHI C Wilson Ramos 8-19-18 L Hand injury DTD 8-28-18 0y 0m 6d
PIT SP Chris Archer 8-20-18 L Leg discomfort DTD 8-26-18 0y 0m 4d
SD 3B Christian Villanueva 8-21-18 Finger injury DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
SD OF Wil Myers 8-22-18 Nose laceration DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
SEA SS Jean Segura 8-22-18 Upper body injury DTD 8-25-18 0y 0m 3d
SEA SP Mike Leake 8-21-18 Illness DTD 8-26-18 0y 0m 4d
SF C Buster Posey 8-20-18 Hip labrum tear DTD 8-23-18 0y 0m 1d
STL 10 OF Marcell Ozuna 8-22-18 R Shoulder inflammation 2-4 weeks 9-7-18 0y 0m 16d
TB OF Tommy Pham 8-21-18 R D4 dislocation DTD 8-24-18 0y 0m 2d
WSH 10 SP Tommy Milone 8-19-18 L Shoulder soreness 2-4 weeks 9-7-18 0y 0m 16d


Kurt Suzuki (C, Atlanta Braves) – X-rays negative, Suzuki should be able to return within a couple of days.

A.J. Minter (RP, Atlanta Braves) – Minter may be able to return as early as Wednesday – he is hoping to be available out of the pen.

Addison Russell (3B, Chicago Cubs) – As Russell has been battling this finger ailment for some time, he may be able to return when first eligible. This lines up well with September’s expanded rosters.

Rajai Davis (OF, Cleveland Indians) – The Indians have not provided much information on Davis’ condition, though reports have Davis being able to return around 9-1-18.

Jose Abreu (1B, Chicago White Sox) – There is a chance that Abreu returns in the middle of September though this seems optimistic at this time – and it doesn’t make sense for the non-competitive White Sox to push him for no reason.

Leury Garcia (OF, Chicago White Sox) – Garcia’s season is likely over.

George Springer (OF, Houston Astros) – Hinch has stated he expects Springer to be in the lineup on Friday.

Jorge Bonifacio (OF, Kansas City Royals) – There is currently no indication that a DL stint is necessary.

JT Chargois (RP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – This timetable may change quickly as more information is gained about his condition. Worst case, Chargois’ 2018 may be over.

Zac Rosscup (RP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – I’m optimistic for a return on the short end of this timetable as Rosscup didn’t exhibit signs of discomfort during his most recent outing. The Dodgers have not provided much information at this point.

David Fletcher (3B, Los Angeles Angels) – Limited information available as Fletcher as x-rays/MRI have not been released. Monitor for updates, but as of now, this looks to be a contusion.

Justin Upton (OF, Los Angeles Angels) – Upton sliced his finger on a wine glass and required four stitches. He should be able to return in the first half of September, if not earlier.

Aroldis Chapman (RP, New York Yankees) – Chapman has a shot for a minimum DL stint if they Yankees reacted quick enough, though to me this feels like it may linger into early September.

David Robertson (RP, New York Yankees) – For the moment this appears mild and Robertson may avoid the DL.

Wilson Ramos (C, Philadelphia Phillies) – With no diagnosis at this time it is difficult to assign a timetable. MRI results should become available at some point on Thursday.

Chris Archer (SP, Pittsburgh Pirates) – Archer is currently listed as Sunday’s probable starter. He did not experience leg discomfort during his Wednesday flat ground.

Wil Myers (OF, San Diego Padres) – Presuming his nose is not broken, Myers should be able to return in the latter half of this week.

Christian Villanueva (3B, San Diego Padres) – This does not appear serious, and he may be able to return as soon as Friday.

Jean Segura (SS, Seattle Mariners) – I have Segura listed as DTD for now, though this sounds like it may be an intercostal strain, which would likely result in a DL stint.

Mike Leake (SP, Seattle Mariners) – Leake should be able to make his next start.

Buster Posey (C, San Francisco Giants) – This is one to monitor as this sounds like a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ the surgery will happen. I would anticipate sooner than later, but ultimately that depends on Posey and the Giants. Prepare for a situation where Posey’s 2018 ends abruptly.

Marcell Ozuna (OF, St. Louis Cardinals) – The hope is that Ozuna only requires a minimum DL stint, though this is something he has been battling all season and he may require more rest than the Cardinals anticipate.

Tommy Pham (OF, Tampa Bay Rays) – Pham dislocated his finger though X-rays returned negative. An MRI may make sense to rule out soft-tissue damage. As it currently stands, expect Pham to return by this weekend.

Tommy Milone (SP, Washington Nationals) – Limited information available, and this could end up being a season-ending condition for Milone. Monitor as additional updates become available.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

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