Injury Report: April 20th

New updated timelines on Bellinger, Carrasco, and Yelich

Welcome to this week’s Injury Report! Thankfully it was a pretty slow week on the injury front. Let’s take a look at who made their way onto the Injury Report. 


Cody Bellinger – Stress Fracture 


We recently found out that Cody Bellinger is dealing with a stress fracture, not just a calf contusion. What does this mean? For the short term, he will be out longer than initially anticipated. Long term, once he returns (as long as he allows the fracture to heal), Bellinger should be good to go. Expect him to miss 6-8 years (too soon?) weeks. 


Return Date: Early June

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy 


Christian Yelich – Back Strain 


The Brewers placed Christian Yelich on the IL after dealing with back spasms/strain over the past couple of days. The move was semi-surprising, but better safe than sorry if you are Milwaukee. I will stick to my guns from last week’s report. I’m not worried about this news. Yelich is just going to miss a little more time than I initially thought. There is a chance this lingers throughout the season, but this is something we expect with Yelich yearly. 


Return Date: Late April/Early May 

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy


Stephen Strasburg – Shoulder Inflammation 


Stephen Strasburg is going to be on the shelf for the foreseeable future with shoulder inflammation. Given the injury history and being 32 years old, I feel this will keep Stras out of action for the next 6 to 8 weeks. We will have to keep an eye on this and see when he starts throwing again. That will help us narrow down his return date.


Return Date: Mid June

Buy/Sell/Hold: Sell 


Starling Marte – Rib Fracture 


We found out on Monday that Starling Marte is dealing with a rib fracture. Besides being a huge pain to live with, ribs typically don’t keep players out for an extended time. I would expect that Marte will be on the IL for 2-3 weeks then we will see him back on the field. 


Return Date: Early May 

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy 


Ronald Acuña – Abdominal Strain 


Expect Ronald Acuña to be out of action till later this week with an abdominal strain. There is a chance that Atlanta is downplaying the injury and are wanting to see how he responds to treatment before deciding on placing Acuna on the IL or not. Hopefully, he needs a couple of days to recover. 


Return Date: End of the week 

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy 


Lance Lynn – Trap Strain 


Lance Lynn is dealing with a strained right trap. A week or so of treatment should have Lynn back on track. I’m not worried about this one, and it shouldn’t be a factor once he comes off the IL. 


Return Date: 2 weeks 

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy 


Carlos Carrasco – Hamstring Strain 


I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about Carlos Carrasco over the past couple of weeks. Here is what we know right now, he has resumed throwing, and the Mets reported that he would throw a five-inning simulated game this past week. All these signs are pointing to him returning sooner rather than later, and based on what we are hearing, I would assume that Cookie returns in the next 4-ish weeks instead of returning in Late May. Things are looking good, but we need to see how he feels after ramping up his activities over the past two weeks. 


Return Date: Late April/Early May 

Buy/Sell/Hold: Buy 


Thanks for reading! As always, if there is someone else you have a question about, leave me a comment or find me on Twitter (@Jake_Rob17). I will get to them as I’m able to. Be sure to check back next week for the latest injury report!

Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@freshmeatcomm on Twitter).


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3 responses to “Injury Report: April 20th”

  1. Maxamuz says:

    Thoughts on what Dave Roberts said on MLB High Heat about Bellinger being back in one or two weeks instead of the estimated 6-8?

    • Jake Robinson says:

      Hey Maxamuz!

      To keep a long story short. There is a chance he comes back in the next week or two. If the Dodgers are good with his images and Bellinger is feeling good, then it could happen.

      The only thing I’m worried about is that the fibula only takes about 30% of the force when running. With that in mind, there is a chance he is feeling better, returns too quickly, then re-injuries himself.

      Stress fractures are tough. I’m hoping he is out till at least the early part of May to allow the fracture to heal for the sake of his health the rest of the season.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Perfect Game says:

    Ketel update?

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