Introducing PL Pro – Launches February 21st, 2023

PL Pro subscription details - Fantasy Tools to win your league.

We have many additions to the Pitcher List website we’re excited to share with you for the 2023 season and today I wanted to outline a new subscription we’re adding to the site: PL Pro.

PL Pro will contain all the benefits of our PL+ subscription:

We wanted to go above and beyond what we do with PL+ to put fantasy tools in your hands that you need to dominate your fantasy leagues. Here is what you’ll get with PL Pro:


2023 Season Projections

With the introduction of PLV – a pitch quantifier that allows us to scrutinize each individual event better than ever – we’re able to create a projection system built upon in-game simulations instead of standard mean regressions. This allows us to stand out and analyze players differently, catching potential breakouts or busts in ways other projections systems don’t. Our goal isn’t to beat out ATC projections, it’s to give a new look into player analysis that can help differentiate you and win your leagues. PLV-powered projections opens the door to that.


Auction Draft Calculator

What good are projections if you don’t have a way to calculate their value for your specific league settings?

We’ve created an auction draft calculator where you’ll be able to view all of our PLV Projections and calculate their auction draft values based on the leagues you’re playing in.

It’s a fantastic way to prepare for your drafts and visualize all of our projections in one place.


Live Draft War Room Big Board

The Auction Draft Calculator is great for preparation, but it can be clunky to utilize in the middle of a draft.

Working with Michael Wrathall, we built an intuitive live draft assistant tool combining our favorite elements of other war rooms and big boards to make drafting an easy process.

Features include:

  • Both PLV Projections & ATC Projections available
  • Best players remaining at each position
  • An easy-to-update live-draft board for snake drafts
  • Dynamic dollar values for your league settings
  • Big Board to follow all picks easily
  • Keep up with expected standings as the draft unfolds
  • Simple settings with a walkthrough tutorial video from yours truly

We’ve been testing this with members of the Pitcher List community and listening to feedback along the way. As someone who has found these intimidating in the past, I can’t do a draft without it now.

I’ll be using this for live-streamed mock drafts before the launch of PL Pro – check out those Twitch streams for a sneak peek!


DFS Projections w/ Lineup Optimizer

With PLV Projections, we have a fantastic opportunity to give you daily projections that allow you to differentiate from the pool better than ever. PLV allows us to be as descriptive as ever of previous events, allowing us to analyze if a batter’s success or failures were deserved or not. We’re excited to take it for a spin on the daily level this season as we’ll be providing our DFS Optimizer for FanDuel and DraftKings via what we’re calling PL Bot, while allowing you to select which players you need or can’t have on your rosters.


Daily and Weekly Fantasy Projections

In-season projections are not just for DFS, though. PL Bot will be projecting each day for your fantasy teams, helping you decide who to stream each day. We’ll also be looking forward at the week ahead, making those tough Sunday/Monday decisions far easier for those in weekly leagues.

Yes, I will be yelling at PL Bot a whole lot this year when I make my daily SP Streaming rankings. I wonder who will come out on top…


Launch Details

PL Pro will be launching on February 21, 2023 for $60/month or $240/year ($20/month).

We are offering an Early-Bird discount for those who pre-order PL Pro annually using promo code EARLYBIRD – $40 off & a free exclusive PL Pro mug. Don’t miss out!


Sign-up For PL Pro Here



Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

7 responses to “Introducing PL Pro – Launches February 21st, 2023”

  1. Max says:

    Hey Nick, love your shit. Listened to the whole Rockies and royals pod!

  2. Larry Grischow says:

    Nick will projections include quality starts? In a qs league and not much content on projecting them. Thx

  3. Luke Roman says:

    Looking forward to the release. Would love to have Ottoneu presets on the AC.

  4. That is *exorbitantly* expensive.

    Rotoballer just announced a similar plan with similar offers for $60 for the whole year.

    FG has AC with Otto presets for free.

    • Joey Baggadonuts says:

      Can’t agree with you more, Mario. I LOVE PL’s content and am more than happy to support (especially for the ad-free UX) with my PL+ membership for $100 a year. But with FG’s free auction calculator and god knows how many sets of projections out there available for free, the juice is just nowhere near worth the squeeze, IMO…

  5. Thomas Parker says:

    Any chance that this calculator will include HR/9 as a category (used by Ottoneu 4×4 leagues).

  6. Nathan James says:

    Pricy but prescribing to Pro this year because I’m dying to get my hands on the new PLV metrics and my extreme gratitude towards Nick and PL staff for years of fun, quality content. Not sure that I’ll be able to extend past this year but if I win my league it will certainly be a strong possibility, haha.

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