Jordan Hicks’ Fastball vs. Fernando Rodney’s Fastball

Jordan Hicks' Fastball vs. Fernando Rodney's Fastball. Vote the winner of Nastiest Pitching GIFs of the Second Quarter 2018!

How do you define a nasty pitch? Does it have to be a strike? Jordan Hicks wowed the baseball world with this 105mph heater that featured a ton of life…but it didn’t land inside of the strikezone. Does it matter? Meanwhile, Fernando Rodney’s subtle movement toward the outside corner may be underappreciated as its elegant beauty had the staff watching the pitch for dozens of loops. Will elegant execution or raw ability move forward to Wednesday’s vote?

Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball vs. Fernando Rodney’s Fastball

[gfycat data_id=”ZestyAbsoluteAlleycat” data_controls=false data_title=false]


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Which was the better pitch? Vote to decide which pitch advances to the next round!
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