Jose Berrios’ Curveball + the Nastiest GIFs from Sunday’s Games

Check out Sunday's best pitches, including offerings from Joe Biagini, Diego Castillo and Kyle Hendricks.

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Jose Berrios’ Curveball – If not for Khris Davis, it would easy to say Berrios’ curveball fell on black days against Oakland in a 6-2 loss. But, ohhh, did he ever make the A’s slugger look silly on the only three whiffs he induced with the pitch Sunday.

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Diego Castillo’s Sinker – The Rays reliever pitched a clean seventh inning against Boston and flashed his molten sinker to open up this at-bat vs. Steve Pearce. Between Castillo, Chaz RoeJose AlvaradoRyne Stanek and Sergio Romo, the Rays bullpen has been eminently GIFable this year.

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Joe Biagini’s Curveball – Odubel Herrera and his tipsy helmet tend to steal the show on a whiff, but Biagini’s hook glued it in place here. The little nod of respect the Phillies outfielder gave this rainbow after it fell from the skies only confirmed its nastiness.

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Kyle Hendricks‘ Changeup – Hendricks and Reds first baseman Tucker Barnhart combined for a picturesque whiff on this off-speed pitch as the Cubs starter attempted to set up his fastball by pulling back on the effective velocity low-and-away.

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Mike Leake’s Curveball – Soooo…Spike Leake? Sounds like no one ever told him you can’t give yourself your own nickname—which I suspect is the dirty little secret underlying a lot of the Players’ Weekend monikers (*cough* D. Mountain *cough*). Labels aside, Leake came with the filth against Arizona’s Jon Jay on this fifth-inning hook.

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Jorge Lopez’s Two-Seamer – Down-and-in isn’t exactly the best place to pound with your fastball to try to put away Edwin Encarnacion. But if you’re going to do it, you’d better come with the same sort of cartoonish movement the Royals 25-year-old did here.


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