Jose Urquidy’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from Game 4 of the 2019 World Series

John Vaghi breaks down the nastiest pitches from Game 4 of the World Series, including Jose Urquidy and Patrick Corbin's sliders.

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Jose Urquidy’s Slider


Urquidy was asked to accomplish a big task last night: shut down a hot Nationals offense for as long as he could. He came through in spades, scattering 2 hits across 5 innings. The Nats seemed off balance against him all night, much of which can be attributed to his deadly slider.


Patrick Corbin’s Slider


Corbin has had one of the best sliders in baseball for the past few years and he showed it last night. This pitch looks like a strike until it isn’t – not fun for the opposition.


Jose Urquidy’s Curveball


Urquidy had everything going last night. Darting change, 95 mph heat, slider that falls away. Then you get this beast – a phenomenal put away curveball that he uses to fool Ryan Zimmerman.


GIF of the Night

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