K ꓘ 125 – Live from PitchCon 2024

Live from PitchCon 2024

Keep or Kut

Pete (@PeteBBaseball) and Chad (@chadyoung) take keeper questions live from PitchCon 2024.

Live from PitchCon, Pete and Chad are taking listener questions ahead of keeper league deadlines, including the Ottoneu keeper deadline on 1/31. They compare Justin Steele and Cole Ragans, look at fair prices for some star players, and answer questions about how the free agent pool and inflation factor into their keep or cut decisions.

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Chad Young

Chad is a long-time fantasy player and baseball fan, who learned to love the game watching 100 loss teams in the truly awful Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Chad writes Going Deep for Pitcher List and co-hosts the Keep or Kut podcast on the Pitcher List Podcast Network. Chad is also one of the creators of ottoneu and you can hear him on the Ottobot Podcast and read his work on FanGraphs.

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