LeMahieu’s Slow Pitch Homer and 4 Exciting Things From Tuesday

From slow pitches to great pressers, see what you missed from Tuesday.

Tuesday was yet another good day of baseball. There were teams that scored 18 and 20 runs, a slow pitch that went far, and a couple of very different defensive plays. We’re getting into the thick of the playoff race, as the season ends in 12 days. Let’s take a look at some highlights from today.


LeMahieu’s Slow Pitch Homer

The Yankees-Blue Jays game got a tad out of hand on Tuesday, after the Yankees scored seven runs in the second inning, they exploded for 20 runs. The last of which came in the top of the eighth, when Toronto had a position player pitching. Santiago Espinal, a second baseman for the Blue Jays, pitched in his second career game on Tuesday, just four days after his pitching debut.

He threw a 48.7 mph pitch to DJ LeMahieu, and LeMahieu didn’t miss it:

The slowest pitch homered against since 2008! That’s impressive. I always heard in little league that when a pitcher throws hard, you just have to swing and make contact for them to provide to power. That certainly wasn’t the case here. You have to swing hard to hit this pitch out.


Davis’ Glove Goes Flying

J.D. Davis broke out in 2019 and became an everyday player for the Mets in 2020, playing third base and leftfield. On Tuesday, he made a defensive highlight, of sorts…

Davis tried to pick it out of the dirt and his glove went very high. But what’s really impressive is the fact that he didn’t get distracted by his glove flying off. He simply ignored it, found the ball, and tried to make the play. Sadly, he didn’t because the ball had a little too much hang time. But this is something you might not see again.


Buxton’s Concentration

We all know Byron Buxton as the former top prospect with great speed and good defensive prowess. But, apparently, he’s also a terrific multitasker. He put that particular skill on display while running the bases on Tuesday:

This is impressive on a couple of different levels. The first is just the juggling of the helmet in the first place. He fumbled it for a little bit, almost lost it to his right, but got control back. The second is his balance and the third is his concentration, and never taking his eye off of where the ball is. Combine them all together, and you’ve got something special.

He kept his eyes on the ball in the entire time, while also juggling a helmet in his hands, not losing control, and keeping his balance while almost falling backward. Really impressive stuff, Byron.


Garrett’s Post-Game Presser

Amir Garrett recorded his first career save against the Pirates on Tuesday. He talked to the media after, and you’re going to want to watch it:

After getting his first save, Garrett was extremely happy and excited. That’s what you have to love about baseball. He talked about the difference of pitching in the ninth, joked around with some of the reporters, and talked about how it came against the Pirates, which he loved. He also had a great reaction to a terrific Brian Goodwin catch:

Congrats, Amir.


Hampson’s Glove Flip

This defensive highlight is… a bit different from J.D. Davis‘. This has to be one of my favorite looking defensive plays in all of baseball:

It’s just so smooth. To field the ball and flip it accurately all in one motion, all while on your stomach. It’s just such a pretty play. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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