Luis Castillo’s Fastball and the Nastiest Pitches from 5/5

Donny Moskovits examines the nastiest pitches from Sunday's slate of games, including Luis Castillo's fastball, Zack Greinke's curveball, and Domingo German's slider.

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Luis Castillo’s Fastball


In what was Luis Castillo’s weakest showing of the year so far, the Reds pitcher allowed four earned runs over seven innings. However, Castillo was still able rack up nine strikeouts, the prettiest of which was a two-seamer with crazy horizontal movement that caught Mike Berger looking.


Spencer Turnbull’s Curveball


Spencer Turnbull continued his breakout season yesterday, stifling the Royals offense and bringing his season ERA down to 2.31. Over seven innings, Turnbull got seven punchouts, the filthiest being this curve that absolutely drops out on Alex Gordon.


Domingo German’s Slider


The Domingo German hype train has long left the station, and it is very clear why that is. His ability to freeze hitters on pitches like this slider has led to tremendous success in what has been an injury-plagued season for the Yankees.


Colton Brewer’s Curveball


The Red Sox offense might have been the primary force behind their series win against the White Sox this weekend, but how about we give some credit to the pitchers? Colton Brewer was just showing off on this pitch, which landed about 2 feet off the plate and, needless to say, absolutely fooled Wellington Castillo.


Zack Greinke’s Curveball


It’s tough to say which is slower here: Zack Greinke’s windup or his 68 mph curveball. Whatever the answer may be, this delivery kept Trevor Story off balance just enough to get him swinging at a gorgeous curveball for Greinke’s fourth strikeout of the game.


Josh Hader’s Fastball


It’s always a pleasure to see Josh Hader pitch (even when he sends my hometown Mets home with an extra tally in the L column). A 19.87 K/9 is hard to come across in baseball, but Hader makes it look easy to achieve that number thanks to fastballs like this one, which barely hits the outside corner.


Justin Verlander’s Fastball


In the battle of one of the greatest pitchers (if not the greatest) of his generation versus the God of WAR, the God showed us that even he has his weaknesses. Justin Verlander’s fastball nearly rises to Mike Trout’s neck, and miraculously, he is able to get the man who doesn’t swing and miss to do exactly that.


Aroldis Chapman’s Slider


The rain couldn’t keep Aroldis Chapman from getting a save yesterday. This game was called early, so here is the final pitch that won it for the Yankees yesterday, a filthy slider to end the eighth inning.

(Special shoutout to Asher Dratel, Alex Silverman, and Stephen Dudas for their recommendations with some of these pitches!)


GIF of the Night


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