Mike Clevinger’s Slider + The Nastiest Pitches from Tuesday’s Games

A look at the seven nastiest pitches from Tuesday's games, including Charlie Morton, Brandon Morrow and Jake Arrieta.

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Mike Clevinger’s Slider – Clevinger posted seven strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings of work on Tuesday. His slider was on point, diving out of the zone and just out of the reach of Adam Engel.

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Brandon Kintzler’s Fastball – Many were amazed that Kintzler found so much success as a late inning arm despite his relatively low velocity. Pitches like this one to Manny Machado are your answer. Nasty, nasty stuff from Kintzler here. Manny can only shake his head.

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Brandon Morrow’s Slider – It’s important to note that the prior two pitches were 99 mile per hour heaters in the zone. So poor Josh Bell was looking heater, and instead Morrow brought this 90 mile per hour slider that dove into the dirt and safely away from his reaching bat.

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Jake Arrieta’s Sinker – Arrieta’s late breaking sinker is pure filth, and he put that on display here to LA’s Chris Taylor. The veteran right-hander struck out five in seven scoreless innings on Tuesday.

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Charlie Morton’s Curveball – Morton struck out 10 on Tuesday, another excellent outing for the Astros fifth best starter (somehow). Here, he buries this hard curveball in the dirt, but not before Didi Gregorius takes a greglorious swing and a miss.

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Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball – Although he missed the corner, 101 mile per hour fastballs with arm side run are rarely going to be skipped over for these posts. Christian Yelich didn’t have much of a chance, even if he did get his bat off his shoulder.

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Dylan Bundy’s Slider – Bundy’s slider is all about location, and here he couldn’t have done it better. Trea Turner can’t believe it, but that pitch just scrapes the outside corner perfectly. Bundy struck out six in six innings on Tuesday.

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