MLB Farm System Power Rankings: The First Half Comes to a Close

A week-to-week ranking and review of each MLB team's farm systems.

It seems like we can never get enough of rankings and lists. However, when I conceived of a power ranking for MLB farm systems, I wanted it to be both different as well as actually useful. How can we wrap our arms around an entire organization’s worth of prospects and gain some perspective?

In an effort to be more creative, I decided to utilize the statistical performance of each organization’s top 30 prospects on a regular basis, rather than the traditional end-of-year summary. Instead of waiting for the dust to settle, I wanted to zoom in to see how different decisions and results impact the strength of individual systems. Ultimately, I want each week to be a snapshot of how an MLB team’s pipeline is (or is not) progressing.


Ground Rules


  • This list is made at my discretion. So yes, this is completely subjective.
  • This is a weekly rankings list. If the #1 overall prospect gets called up, that team’s farm system will likely be negatively impacted in the rankings. If a pitcher suffers a blowup or a hitter slumps during the week, it’s going to impact the rankings. This is not just based on general Future Value or else I’d make an end-of-year list like everyone else.
  • Why is Team X above Team Y? See bullet point #1.
  • Yes, I do actually watch minor league games during the week including reviewing specific ABs or innings that I may have missed.
  • No I do not hate __________. I keep an open mind about whatever results come in and whoever may be producing them.
  • This is supposed to be fun, so let’s have fun with it!



Texas Rangers: Evan Carter at 19 years old looks like he’s only a year or two away from setting the majors on fire as a dynamic CF with power, speed, and exceptional plate discipline. Meanwhile Luisangel Acuna is carving his own path outside of big brother Ronald’s shadow as a gap to gap infielder with speed to burn. Suddenly the idea of two Acunas at the major league level doesn’t seem as unlikely as it did in 2020. On the mound, the Rangers are sporting Owen White, Cole Ragans, and underrated bullpen ace Marc Church. That’s all without a strong week from Mr. Jack Leiter.

Seattle MarinersAfter a rough May and early June, the Mariners’ system once again is beginning to ascend to the tops of the league. Jonathan Clase and Harry Ford had very productive weeks while several pitchers, including newly acquired Prelander Berroa, impressed on the mound.

San Diego Padres: I was asked last week about my downgrade of the Padres, specifically calling out their lack of impact bats. Well, this week they shut me up. It’s not just Esteury Ruiz. It’s mostly him but not just him. Robert Gasser, Jackson Wolf, and Victor Lizzaraga looked marvelous on the mound. Eguy Rosario had a very hot week. Padres also benefit from several teams being down this week.




Toronto Blue Jays: Not sure exactly where the production from last week went. But the Blue Jays don’t have much outside of Yosver Zulueta to hang their hats on this week.

Oakland Athletics: Jordan Diaz is making a name for himself but the shoulder injury to Zack Gelof hurts the system’s ranking. Soderstrom had an average week and there’s still no pitching depth for the Athletics to tap.

Atlanta Braves: Vaughn Grissom is making his case as the next name to watch rise in the Braves org but their pitching has looked a bit rough this past week. The Braves pitching is so tantalizing in their ability but so frustrating in consistency at every level.

Featured image by Shawn Palmer (@Palmerdesigns_ on Twitter)

LaMar Gibson

A lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan that still hasn't forgiven Jeffrey Maier, Tony Fernandez, the 2014 Royals, or Edwin Encarnacion...and has no interest in doing so in the foreseeable future. You can read more of LaMar's thoughts by subscribing to his free monthly newsletter, Inside Fastball, for all things prospects.

One response to “MLB Farm System Power Rankings: The First Half Comes to a Close”

  1. DR says:

    Interesting to see the slam dunk, unanimous top farm in baseball in the Baltimore Orioles so far down your rankings. Would be interested in seeing your justification there. It’s just that it’s so rare to have a farm that’s universally viewed as leaps and bounds ahead of the second best and pack thereafter. So to put them at 8 is highly suspect but I’d rather see an explanation rather than pass judgment out of hand.

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