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An exciting Friday filled with perfect bids, extensions, streaks & HRs

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Today’s Headlines


Cole Flirts with Perfection

Flirting with perfection twice in as many days in the Bronx? Fresh off of Jameson Taillon taking his perfect game bid into the eighth inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Gerrit Cole gave an encore for the home fans looking unhittable. Cole came close…

He carried his perfect run into the seventh and lost it to a Jonathan Schoop’s single. At least it was a clean, undisputed base hit that broke the bid.

Aaron Boone was in an unenviable position with Cole’s pitch count accruing so there can be an assumption that he breathed a sigh of relief that he did not have to pull a “Dave Roberts” in front of the home crowd. On the back of this sterling pitching performance, the Yankees cruised to a 13-0 victory

The Yankees are the first team since 1961 to show off perfect game bids of 6+ innings in back-to-back games according to Elias Sports Bureau.


Girardi Phired

The Binder has his bags packed and gets the boot in Philly. Joe Girardi getting fired is a reactionary move by Dave Dombrowski who felt that something needed to change as the Phillies continued to lose.

This unraveled rather quickly as conversations between the higher-ranking decision-makers happened early in the day. According to reports, Dave Dombrowski went for a jog to clear his head early Friday morning and that gave him the clarity of the decision that needed to be made.

Following this job, he contacted Joe Girardi and scheduled a meeting for that day to discuss. The writing was on the wall and Girardi had to know what was up.

After the conversation, the news came down and spread. Rob Thomson assumes managerial duties on an interim basis. He is a Girardi guy as he was his long-time bench coach with the Yankees and Phillies. You’d have to imagine, that he’s not long at the helm if they want a real culture change.

History is not in their favor. Multiple managers in a season is not a recipe for success. Digging through the numbers, there have been 174 teams have employed multiple managers for more than 20 games a season since 1969. Only 14 of those 174 made the playoffs.

Sitting at 22-29, the Phillies have an uphill climb and it will start without Joe Girardi today.


Yordan secures extension

Yordan Alvarez got paid! Yordan and the Astros came to an accord on a six-year, $115 million contract extension.

The Astros have attempted to lock up the core of the team since 2018. Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and Lance McCullers Jr. have been the focus of their foundation after losing Carlos Correa and George Springer to free agency. All of these players had extensions prior to Alvarez’s deal that came to fruition on Friday.

Jim Crane has to be happy with those four players as their base.

2021 earned him this bag. Alvarez batted .277 with 33 homers and 104 RBIs. This was his first full season after missing all of 2020 due to injury.

Yordan Alvarez is someone they want around for a long time in Houston and they put their money where their mouth is.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Trea & Paul Extend Streaks

Paul Goldschmidt and Trea Turner both extended their hitting streaks on Friday as they look to eclipse hot into unchartered territory. Goldschmidt’s home run extended his hit streak to 25 while Trea Turner slashed his way to 26 games.

This is certainly something to watch and it has not approached historical conversation yet but with how hot they are, it is not out of the realm of possibility. We will continue to monitor these streaks as the days go by.


Baby Dodgers Turn 3

If you are scoring at home, an 8-6-2-4-5 gem in the books for the Great Lakes Loons. The Dodgers’ prospects flashed some defensive prowess here but let’s not ignore that they were helped out by some horrendous base running.

This was the Loon’s first triple play since 2012!


Position Player(s) Pitching

This becoming the norm. Analytics and great minds in baseball are seeing the benefit of saving quality arms for games that are still within reach. For those blowouts, the mop-up roles have fallen on some position players.

Harold Castro and Willians Astudillo took the mound tonight to ease the burden on their respective bullpens.

The occurrence of this happening has been on the rise in recent years and it certainly is going to be happening more. The novelty will wear off quickly as the versatility of positions players to at least not embarrass themselves out there becomes more frequent.

Maybe we will see more Astudillo 43 MPH pitches…

I think keeping this a rarity is better for the game of baseball. If this happens less, it means we are getting more competitive games.


Lane x 3

Life in the fast lane for young Thomas here! Lane Thomas‘ power was on full display with a three-homer game. This was the first time in his young career and had to be a highlight of his time in the bigs thus far.

This is the first time that a member of the Nationals hit three homers since Kyle Schwarber did this back in June 2021.

Lane Thomas had an opportunity to achieve a Washington Nationals‘ first but his bid to surge his fourth home run over the wall was denied when he flew out to centerfield.


Power Surge


With the weather warming up, the home runs are flying out of the ballpark. We had 57 home runs which were oh so close to the record of 62 in one day of action.

This is a good sign for an offense which was down. The offense keeps the casual fan entertained and there was plenty of it today.

Cue up the conversation about how baseballs are made and what’s different about them. Those conversations are like clockwork when we have days like Friday.




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