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Today’s Headlines


Iron Horsin’ Around

June 2nd marked the second annual Lou Gehrig Day around MLB.

And while Gehrig’s pinstriped descendants geared up to remember the player…

…the day is about more than just the man, as it’s an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for ALS research, and more to the community of those who have been diagnosed with the disease:

“It became an amazing day for the ALS community to come together and celebrate people living with ALS, and honor the people that had passed from ALS, the caregivers, the clinicians, the researchers that spend their days trying to serve people with ALS,” Green said. “It almost has become the day of the year that ALS people get to come together and as a community celebrate one another as well as Lou Gehrig.”

That’s a quote from Phil Green, who is on the committee that made Lou Gehrig Day official.

And in directly baseball-related tomfoolery, the #WeakSideStrong challenge had players and coaches filming themselves fielding, throwing, and batting with their offhands:

And while watching Chris Woodward take a better lefty swing than I could possibly take from either side, the best of the challenge videos has to belong to Chris Sale, who lost his grandmother to ALS and took time out of his rehab schedule for the occasion:

I’m glad to see that even a professional athlete like Sale looks so out of place throwing wronghanded. Pitchers: They’re Just Like Us!


Our Flag Means Sweep

This is kind of neither here nor there but it’s so incredible I felt like it had to be highlighted. The Pittsburgh Pirates are currently 22-27 (which is still good enough for 3rd place in the NL Central) but you wouldn’t know that from their play against the NL-best 34-17 LA Dodgers, who they swept earlier this week, putting the Pirates at 5-1 against them on the season. But listen, bad teams get hot and good teams lose games, so why is this worth shouting out?

Well, because they made this:

Is this truly a headline? It’s probably more of a moment but I truly wish more teams would go full-on heel with stuff like this. It’s amazing, the production values are through the roof and it’s all to stick their thumb in the eye of a single team and fanbase, that type of petty is the thing we should all aspire to in some way.


Best Moments From Yesterday


House Of Cups

This country used to build things! We used to be a land of factories and manufacturers, now we only make hot takes on Twitter, dagnabit. Chicago fans didn’t forget their heritage though, building an impressive wall of cups out in the bleachers during yesterday’s win over the Cardinals…only to see their work undone in a single stroke by stadium security.

Seems rude, IMO. Let the people build! I guess this can serve as a lesson to focus on cup snakes, longer is better than taller.


Level 9000 Visual Punnery

I want to give some kind of national honors to this pair spotted in Colorado for the Rockies/Braves game:

At first, I thought it was just a goofy look to try and get on TV or have a good time, but then I realized they were both wearing Atlanta gear and slowly everything fell into place. I’m in awe of the dedication that these road fans put into a truly inscrutable visual pun to support their favorite shortstop.


Clutch Cutch Calls His Shot

As it is said, so shall it be done:

I mean, one hit does not an ended funk make, but when it’s a walk-off to cap a 4-run 9th inning, that’s gotta count as at least a couple of funkbusting points, right? Especially when it comes from a dude as cool as Andrew McCutchen. Either way, go Brew Crew.





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