MLB News & Moments You Should Know – Sept 23

Playoff clinches and triple round trips.

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Today’s Headlines


Some Different News Out Of The Bronx

No fireworks on the home run front (well, not ones from Aaron Judge) but with their walk-off win over the Red Sox last night, the Yankees did clinch a postseason berth, so they have that to celebrate.

Judge does still lead in the Triple Crown race thanks to a fantastic start from Jameson Taillon combined with 4 innings of Yankees relief holding Xander Bogaerts to an 0-5 day. I also need to sleep, these games are amping me up to unsustainable levels.


Kolten Wong’s Triple Dong

Nature abhors a vacuum, so Kolten Wong stepped up to the plate. No, I will not apologize for that pun, don’t @ me.

The Brewers are still 7.5 games back in the NL Central, but they’re only 2.5 behind the Phillies for the last NL Wild Card, so if their offense can step it up, this final stretch could be very exciting.


13 Gallen Hat

Listen I already admitted I need more sleep. And I’m stepping on Our Illustrious Leader’s toes here a little since he already covered this in the SP Roundup, but Zac Gallen is having himself A Year, and he had himself a night on Thursday:

I remember when Gallen first got called up back in 2019, the first news of it I saw break was on the PL Discord, I immediately picked him up on my fantasy teams, and just basked in the furious messages asking how the heck I knew. Ever since then Gallen has really felt like he’s PL’s Guy and it’s been incredibly cool watching him blossom into a true ace, and a dude who probably even has another gear on top of this. Gallen Gals United!


Best Moments From Yesterday


Premier ‘Ship

It’s clinch and crunch time for MLB teams to sort out their postseason positions, but the minor leagues are already pretty deep into the playoffs, with AA already going into the final round, and the Tigers’ affiliate is getting to experience it for the first time:

It’s an unorthodox home run trot for sure, but it’s clearly effective.


It Breaks Your Heart

Ok sorry this is kind of a sad moment but it’s also insanely relatable:

I’ve never caught a ball that came to me out of play, but I’ve had the chance to catch like, 4 or 5 of them* and I always feel like that kid afterward. But the announcers are right! You just keep showing up and someday you’ll get one. At least that’s what I tell myself in the mirror every morning before work. Also maybe I should start bringing my mitt to games again even though I usually sit in the grandstand. Just really lean into it.


*One of these was an absolutely screaming line drive off the bat of Gary Sánchez that went from “Oh wow I might catch this!” to “I hope this lands 3 sections over why is it moving so fast?!” in the blink of an eye. Baseball players are strong dudes.





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