On the Barrel Podcast Episode 39 – You Promised Us Grapefruits

Special guests Chelsea Ladd and Annie O'Donnell stop by to talk 2020.

Special guests Chelsea Ladd (@chelseabrooke) and Annie O’Donnell (@sweetannieod) join Jonathan Metzelaar and Dave Cherman to recap the 2020 MLB season negotiations and discuss some of the possible future implications of the proposed changes.

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  • 1:20 Introducing Chelsea Ladd and Annie O’Donnell
  • 4:15 Recap of negotiations so far
  • 6:25 Are owners negotiating in good faith?
  • 12:30 Is the universal DH here to stay? Is that a good thing?
  • 17:30 Impact of larger rosters on minor league promotions
  • 19:50 Does a larger playoff pool hurt the competitiveness of the regular season?
  • 24:00 Thoughts on potentially adding advertisements to player jerseys
  • 28:00 Who needs to budge on the 2020 season negotiations?
  • 30:20 Are the owners really losing money to the degree they claim?
  • 35:00 TV revenue for MLB teams
  • 39:00 Is a shortened season valid from the perspective of championships and awards?
  • 44:30 If players opt out of the 2020 season, does that impact how we view the legitimacy of the season?
  • 47:40 Confidence that MLB can implement a safe season from the health standpoint
  • 50:00 Impact of these negotiations on 2022 CBA


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Jonathan Metzelaar

Jonathan Metzelaar is a writer, content manager, and podcaster with Pitcher List. He enjoys long walks on the beach, quiet dinners by candlelight, and essentially any other activity that will distract him from the perpetual torture of being a New York Mets fan. He's written for Fangraphs Community Research and created Youtube videos about fantasy baseball under the moniker "Jonny Baseball."

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