People-Watching at Baseball Games

Sometimes the best part of a baseball game is not the game itself. Shelly Verougstraete details an excellent fan-watching experience.

People enjoy watching baseball games for many reasons. Baseball, while a team sport, is more an individual sport. Batter versus pitcher. Fielder versus runner. It is the best of both worlds. I enjoy it all, but there is another reason I enjoy the game: fan-watching. There have been so many memorable fans seen at games. Mary Hart and her husband have seats behind home plate at Dodger Stadium.

There is a Rangers employee who might have the best job in the world, as she guards the first couple of rows in Globe Life Park. But now that I remember how hot it gets in Arlington, it sounds like the worst. At least she has pretty good seats while she bakes in the sun.

Of course, everyone has heard of Marlins Man. 

My favorite has to be the delightful woman who sits behind home plate at most games at Rogers Centre. In the Verougstraete household, she is known as Pink Lady, but you probably know her as Home Plate Lady. While watching Blue Jays games. My husband and I always look for her. We love her dedication to her team and whatever AMAZING scarf she might be sporting that particular evening. While she has been a cult hero to many baseball fans, she became somewhat of a viral hero when she didn’t flinch on this foul ball.


Then, the next night, she made fun of the viral status like a boss.


She is truly a delight, and when I grow up, I want to be her.

When she is at a game, she usually brings one of her girlfriends, and you can see them chatting it up off and on throughout the game. Well, I was at Tyler Glasnow’s last regular-season start, and I noticed something unprecedented. 

The first couple of innings, nothing was different. Pink Lady was behind home plate with her friend; I’m sure getting a look at Glasnow. This was late-September Blue Jays baseball, y’all.


Well, in the bottom of the fourth inning, someone new comes in to chat.


What?! Who is this?


Oh my gosh! This is more interesting than the game.


Hahaha. What are they talking about?


The conversation is still going on during the top of the fifth inning.


The conversation continues for the entire half-inning. Once T.J. Zeuch strikes out Brandon Lowe, the two friends say their goodbyes.


I am not sure why this exchange has given me so much joy, but it has. Baseball is such a wonderful thing.

Shelly Verougstraete

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