PitchCon 2021: February 18th-21st

Stream for free on Twitch at twitch.tv/pitcherlist.

We’re only a few days away from the start of PitchCon and it’s time we outlined all of the details.


Introducing PitchCon


Over 65 analysts. Dozens of prizes. One amazing conference.

PitchCon (February 18th – 21st) is a four-day online baseball conference where you can hear what some of the brightest minds in the industry have to say about all things baseball from the comfort of your own home. Guests like Cespedes BBQ, Foolish Baseball, Pitching Ninja, and more will cover topics ranging from common mistakes in Statcast analysis to the state of pitching in today’s game to how to create an independent sports brand. Every day over the course of the conference, we’ll also be giving away some incredible prizes like a personalized drawing from Ellen Adair, Fantasy guides, and a lifetime PL+ membership. Want to win a Pitcher List hoodie while you hear Grey Albright’s targets for 2021? Then be sure to sign up here.

When we formed Pitcher List back in 2015 it was with the guarantee that every article would always be free without a single paywall. Like many other baseball websites, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Pitcher List. As a free website, we’re fueled by our constant visitors and up-to-date content and the lack of baseball has, sadly, taken its toll. We at Pitcher List are still committed to our paywall-free guarantee and – while we are proud to make PitchCon a free event – we humbly ask for your support. Our dream is to keep bringing you quality content without any cost and in order to do so, we need your help.

A contribution to Pitcher List allows us to keep paying the team that has worked tirelessly to bring you quality content during baseball’s delay. The same team that has brought you award-winning analysis, in-depth articles with the best graphics the industry has to offer, countless GIFs, new metrics, leaderboards, and pieces about whether Jacoby Jones should be replaced by a real-life tiger.

Your contribution doesn’t just benefit the Pitcher List team. 50% of all money raised will benefit the Feeding America charity, a network of food banks that feeds over 48 million Americans. To learn more about their incredible work, please check out their website and YouTube channel.

We know times are difficult for everyone right now. COVID-19 has affected virtually all of our lives in ways big and small. If you have it within your means, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.


About Feeding America


Feeding America works to strike hunger across the U.S., working with food banks, pantries, and meal programs across the nation to help feed 1 in every 7 Americans.

98% of all donations raised go directly into programs to help those in need, reaching out to feed over 40 million nationwide.

We couldn’t be prouder to support Feeding America with PitchCon and we hope you can help us reach our goal to help them keep millions fed.


Supporting PitchCon


Head to our RallyUp page and you can make a contribution to the event. 50% of every contribution will go to Feeding America as well as push toward unlocking another prize for participants to win.


Contribute to PitchCon Here


We have also added a number of items to our store in support of PitchCon.


PitchCon Participants & Schedule



Here is the complete schedule of our events, panels, and presentations:




Where to Watch


PitchCon will be free to watch on our RallyUp page, Twitch.tv/pitcherlist, and through Periscope on our Twitter beginning Thursday, May 28th at 12:00 pm EST. We will have two separate streams each day – one at noon, the other at 5:00pm EST – which will interrupt only the Periscope stream on Twitter.


Watch on RallyUp

Watch on Twitch

Watch on Twitter


We will also be uploading the event next week to our YouTube channel for those that miss panels and presentations.



We have dozens of prizes we’d like to give away during PitchCon, many of which generously donated by the incredible participants of the conference.



To be eligible to win a prize, you can sign-up for free here


Here are the instructions:

  • As we raise money during the event, we will unlock prizes that will be award a winner during our Closing Ceremonies. For example, if we raise a total of $9,200 during the event, all prizes through “1-year of PL VIP” will be awarded a winner.
    • We also have a hidden prize if we’re able to raise $15,000 during the event
  • Sign-up is free to participate through this Google Form where you can select what prizes you want to be eligible for – Only one entry per person.
  • You are not required to contribute to PitchCon to be eligible to win
  • Winners will be announced on the livestream beginning at 9:00 pm EST on Sunday, May 31st, and a notification email will shortly follow to the winners.
  • We also have a few stretch goals we’d love to hit and some incredible prizes to give away if we reach them.
  • Signing up requires agreement to these sweepstakes terms and conditions, which can be found here.


Our Thanks


We’re incredibly excited about PitchCon this weekend. We’re all hungry for baseball and to bring so many talented and smart people together in one place to discuss the sport we love is the perfect antidote for all of us quarantined. To do so while also supporting a fantastic cause in Feeding America makes this truly a special event.

Thank you for your consideration to support PitchCon and we hope this is the start of many events for years to come. We’ll see you there.


Featured image and article graphics created by Justin Paradis (@FreshMeatComm)

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