PitchCon: A Four-Day Online Baseball Conference – DAY 4 w/ New Prizes

New prizes to win, let's hit the $10,000 goal!

Welcome back for the fourth and final day of PitchCon!

Before the starting bell sounds 12:00 pm EST today, we’re raised over 65% of the way toward our $10,000 goal – 50% of which goes directly to Feeding America. Huge thanks to everyone contributing to a great cause!

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We’ve added new prizes to event today, which all unlock at our $10,000 goal:



Let’s hit the $10,000 goal and unlock all of these prizes!


What is PitchCon?


For all details about PitchCon, head to our major outline here.

Here are the quick hits:


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Here is the schedule we have today:




Where to Watch


PitchCon is free to watch on our RallyUp page, Twitch.tv/pitcherlist, and through Periscope on our Twitter. We began yesterday and will continue where we left off today, Friday May 29th at 12:00 pm EST. We will have two separate streams each day – one at noon, the other at 5:00pm EST – which will interrupt only the Periscope stream on Twitter.


Watch on RallyUp

Watch on Twitch

Watch on Twitter


We will also be uploading the event next week to our YouTube channel for those that miss panels and presentations.


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