Pitcher GIF Database Scavenger Hunt – Win PL Merch!

Find all 27 items in our GIF Database to win PL merch!

It’s time for the annual Pitcher GIF Database Scavenger Hunt!

Every year here at Pitcher List, we update our GIF Database with over 2,500 new pitching GIFs across all of our player pages on the site.

For the unaware, the every pitcher who pitched in 2019 has a player page featuring GIFs showcasing each pitch in their repertoire. For example, here is Clayton Kershaw’s page.

What better way to explore the hundreds of GIFs than with a fun hunt? The Pitcher List staff has identified 27 different items to find across our database, and it’s up to you to find them all.

This year, we’re going to spice things up a bit. We’re going to be giving away two items of merch of the winners’ choice from our store to those that can find all 27 items!

  • One winner for the first person to submit a fully completed list of all items
  • One winner randomly selected among all the other participants with a fully completed list of all items

To enter, please send an email to info@pitcherlist.com with the subject line:

PL GIF Database Submission

and containing descriptions of each item. For example:

  1. Corey Kluber’s slider
  2. Zack Wheeler’s entire repertoire
  3. etc.

We will be accepting submissions through Thursday, March 12th at 12:00pm EST.

Here are the items to find!


1. A batter loses his bat swinging at strike three

2. A pitch thrown during a 21-6 blowout against the Astros

3. A secret handshake (pinkies out) between fans during the pitch

4. A batter asks for time and doesn’t get it granted

5. A pitcher in an all-black jersey dealing to a player in an all-white jersey.

6. Teoscar Hernandez gets spun around

7. A hitter swings and misses at strike three before losing his helmet to reveal a bald head

8. A fan pops his Lamar Jackson jersey during the pitch

9. A cameraman runs onto the field after the pitch

10. A Baltimore batter leans backward after taking a called strike

11. Most of the fans wearing clear ponchos in the rain

12. A changeup forces Shohei Ohtani’s helmet to fly off

13. A pitch thrown in the 18th inning of a game

14. A pitcher who has three GIFs while on one team and one GIF on another team

15. A pitch that Anthony Rizzo throws his bat to the dugout after because he thinks it’s ball four

16. An insurance commercial mainstay is eating cotton candy in the backstop advertisement

17. A fan gives an emphatic strikeout signal after strike three

18. “Kids Run The Bases Every Sunday” can be found in the background

19. All six pitches featured are strike three

20. A catcher does a behind the back transfer from glove to hand on a curveball

21. Todd Frazier swings at strike three and in the process throws his bat and almost hits the pitcher

22. A swinging strike on a bounced pitch in Pittsburgh

23. Jorge Polanco swings through a changeup and almost does a split while going down to one knee

24. A fan uses binoculars in the front row during the first pitch of the ninth inning of a YouTube-broadcasted game

25. Pete Alonso bends the knee after swinging through a slider

26. A pitch with only two people in the background and they seem to be ballpark employees, not fans

27. A cartoon dog and cat in the background of a pitch


A big thanks to everyone on the Pitcher List staff who helped find the huntable items.


Start here to get hunting!

Max Posner

Max is a NYC born student living in Baltimore, MD. He enjoys the Yankees, overanalyzing, and asking lots of questions.

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