Pitcher List Staff League Review: The Winner’s Circle

The season is at an end. Check out the final standings and league results!

Alas, the season is done, which means our Pitcher List staff leagues are done. Feel free to take a closer look at our rosters, transactions, and matchups by following these links: Legacy LeagueProdigy LeagueFutures League. Likewise, if you’d like to read the previous weeks’ reviews, follow this link.

Thank you all for another year with us. Readers like you help keep our site alive and we love you for it.

Legacy League


#3 The Bear and the Maiden Faria (Nick Pollack) vs. #1 Smokin’ Zieg Zags (Max Posner)

In a back and forth matchup, one player separated themselves at the end of the week. There’s no other way that Nick should win a title than by dominating the pitching categories- he lost only saves. The week was looking very grim until Nick’s offense had the Saturday of all Saturdays, pumping out 3 HRs and 16 RBI, roughly HALF of his entire weekly RBI total, while batting .412. The final gap in their HR and RBI totals in this 6-4 matchup were 3 and 5. Thank goodness the finals didn’t end in a tie. Let’s all tip our cap to Nick as he raises his first PLATYPUS.


2. Max Posner

3. Alex Fast

4. Rick Graham

5. Dave Cherman

6. Ian Post

7. Ben Palmer

8. Nic Gardiner

9. Andrew Todd-Smith

10. Kyle Bishop

11. Ben Pernick (relegated)

12. Stephen Honovich (relegated)

Prodigy League


#3 DothRockies Horde (Austin Bristow II) vs. #1 Killer B’s (KV)

KV’s offense didn’t stand a chance, as Anthony Rendon and Mike Trout combined for 8 HRs and 21 RBI en route to the 6-4 victory. After sweeping the offensive categories handily, Austin only needed 1 pitching category to avoid a tie. It came down to the last day, with Austin holding an 11 K lead and pitchers who failed to strike guys out allowed KV to cut the lead to 3, but rough outings from Steven Matz and Carlos Rodon prevented him from seizing K’s and forcing a tie, which would have granted him the victory. Alas, it is Austin’s day to reign supreme.


2. KV (promoted)

3. Myles Nelson

4. Jason Dunbar

5. Jeff Davis

6. Jonathan Metzelaar

7. Brandon Lundberg

8. Andrew Gould

9. Troy Klauder

10. Michael Grennell

11. Jake Bridges (relegated)

12. Mark Weston (relegated)

Futures League


#1 Hans Molemen (Ben Chang) vs #2 Acuna Moncada (Austin Perodeau)

What a final. The Futures League opted to utilize the final week of the regular season (something we’ll discuss with them for next year, as I think it’s a treacherous way to handle your finals), which made this contest go down to the wire. It ended 6-3-1 in favor of Austin, but not without some sweat. He won HRs by 1, RBI by 4, AVG by .0017, ERA by 0.4, and WHIP by 0.2. How easily it all could’ve changed. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much because they both will play in the Legacy League next year, but Austin gets bragging rights- he also enters the Legacy League with a target on his back. Will either of them capitalize on this success and boost themselves into the Prodigy League for the 2020 season? These are the questions we get to spend the off-season pondering.


2. Ben Chang (promoted)

3. Tim Acree

4. Brennan Gorman

5. Mike Haas

6. Mike Wexler

7. Paul Martin

8. Nate Von Benken

9. Rob Zaccheo

10. Henry Still

11. Grayson Blazek

12. Dan Wist

Dave Cherman

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