PL+ Classic Game of the Day Schedule: 3/26 – 3/29

Here's the schedule for opening week of the PL+ Classic Game of the Day watch parties.

In case you missed it, we’re going to be hosting MLB watch parties every night to get our baseball fix. We’ll be starting on what was supposed to be Opening Day, this Thursday, March 26, with an Opening Day double-header! Join the Discord to come watch the games with us. Here’s the schedule for opening week.


PL+ Classic Game of the Day Schedule


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@freshmeatcomm on Twitter)

Myles Nelson

VP Operations. Creator of the PL Wacky Leagues (Blind Draft, Grand Theft, WorstBall).

2 responses to “PL+ Classic Game of the Day Schedule: 3/26 – 3/29”

  1. schafer.chulay@gmail.com says:

    If I am unable to watch one of these streams during the designated times, will I be able to watch later?

    • Myles Nelson says:

      Hey Schafer! This won’t be a stream like our typical Twitch streams, but more like everyone coming over to someone’s house to watch the game together in the living room. We’ll be doing most of our interaction in the Discord chat channels, so while the specific audio broadcast won’t be recorded, you’ll still be able to see the messages in the chat from each game.

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