PL7 Patch Notes – Every Change on the Pitcher List Website

Every single change we made for the new Pitcher List 7 website.

We changed a lot at Pitcher List for PL7 and we took the time to outline every little change in one spot. Who doesn’t enjoy a good patch notes?



Changed our top header with social icons and an improved account login/logout for PL+ members

Updated our search with quicker results and smoother functionality, powered by Algolia

Restructured our navigation menu items for better site navigation

Rebuilt the front page from the ground up:

  • Left column contains all pre-season fantasy rankings. Will feature all daily columns and weekly rankings during the regular season (tabbed selection)

  • Center column contains our featured article and modules for Plus Pitch podcast & PL Newsletter

  • Right column contains quick looks at our “Lists”, showcasing the largest jumps in player ranks

We found our readers wanted an easy way to scroll through our latest articles. We returned to a traditional blog scroll, adding the ability to sort by categories

In addition, we brought the PL+ feature of a Custom Article Feed to the homepage for quick access

All podcasts on the PL Podcast Network can be found in the right column, sorted by most recent episode release


PL+ Subscriptions

Redesigned the landing page to have better transparency of features

Brought back PL Basic at $5 a month: ad-free site + Custom Article Feed

Added more PL+ features at zero extra cost:

  • Plus Pitch Podcast access (new podcast from yours truly!)
  • Auction Draft Calculator – Arrives March 1st
  • View all of our 2022 Player Projections – Arrives March 1st


Player Pages

Players pages now are updated entirely with Statcast data provided by SportRadar

Redesigned our page to house all of our new data

New header features more player information & larger MLB headshot + team color

Added league average toggles to every stat table – yes, even horizontal movement on sliders

Removed Strengths/Weaknesses/Quirks, replaced them with MLB percentile & MLB rank/avg bars

Strikezone plots have returned with improved pitch colors for clarity

Added 2022 player projection tables – Arrives March 1st

Added Stat Overview table to pitcher pages

Added percentile & MLB rank/avg bars for each pitch inside Repertoire section

Created “Totals” bar for every table – features player’s stat totals since 2013 (Sorry Adam Wainwright and Max Scherzer)

Restructured player tables to house more data

Game Log has been beefed up for easier date range analysis

Pitch Data inside Game Log has been heavily improved

Reorganized tables on player pages: Overview, Standard, Statcast, Batted Ball 1, Batted Ball 2, Plate Discipline, Approach

Polished all tooltips for every stat featured on the page

Wrote full Stats Glossary for every stat featured on the page (Thanks Jeremy Seigel!)


Leaderboards – Update Arrives March 1st

Updated to include full StatCast data

Cleaner look to match PL7 design

Resized table height to house more data at once

Includes all data found on player pages, centralized across the majors + advanced filters

Ability to view all 2022 Player Projections for PL+ members

Added Auction Draft Calculator for PL+ members

  • Acts as a filter on top of the Statcast leaderboards
  • Can view all Statcast data + PL Projections while viewing Auction $ values
  • Presets added for Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, and Fantrax leagues for quick access


Team Pages

Added logos, team divisional standings, and basic information

Color scheme adjusted to match team colors

Starting players, bench players, relievers, and injuries now update daily based on game lineups

Expected starting rotation matchups added


PL+ Discord

Overhauled entire Discord to make it more accessible

Reduced overall pings and created channel selection process

Created a quick verification process by introducing Discord Tag checks before server invitation

Still features the best baseball community on the internet. (I love you all so much)


Site Speed

Greatly improved our site speed across the board

Improved search speed tenfold with Algolia (so nice, I mentioned it twice)

Dramatically reduced lag on page load

Added PitcherList logo animation when loading leaderboards


What’s Next?

March 1st update

Leaderboards will be updated to reflect PL7 tables and Statcast data

2022 Player Projections added on player pages + viewable in full for PL+ members

Auction Draft Calculator with Dollar values determined by PL Projections


Spring Update

PWA for mobile users (not a dedicated app, just a better mobile experience)

Redesigned pages solely for mobile users

Rolling Games & Line Chart to player pages

DFS Leaderboard added with Optimizer for DraftKings & FanDuel – Free for PL+ members

Live stats table to follow daily performances

Custom Article Feed filters accessible on homepage – PL+ and PL Basic members only


Later 2022 Update

We want to keep a few things secret for now. Let us know in the comments what you want to see next.


Thank you all for your incredible support over the years. We’re excited to have a new foundation to build upon and to keep expanding what we provide here at Pitcher List. I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the new website and see what’s next in store for the site!



Photos by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

One response to “PL7 Patch Notes – Every Change on the Pitcher List Website”

  1. IV says:

    Hey Nick, really like the redesign!
    Just noticed a small bug. When looking at the right column on the home page, the SP rankings are listed in numeric order, but the hitter and closer rankings are not. I think the fields must be classified as strings instead of numbers.
    Should be an easy fix. hope that helps!

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