Ranking All of Today’s And Tomorrow’s SP Matchups – 4/13 & 4/14

Nick Pollack ranks every starting pitcher matchup for today's and tomorrow's games.

Here are your morning rankings for today’s starting pitcher options.

It’s not perfect and will be far from the actual results at the end of the day, though it should give guidance for those questioning who to slot into your lineup on a given day.

Note: I’ve made a change moving forward to this daily article. I’ll now be including a second table for tomorrow’s starting pitcher matchups as well, helping everyone get a jump on their nightly pickups. Please note that these matchups are subject to change, though, and there will be times when I have the incorrect pitcher going. I thank you for your future understanding.

Pitchers highlighted in yellow = Possible streaming options.

FS = False Starter where there is an assumed opener actually starting the game.

Red = Postponed.


Today’s Starting Pitcher Rankings


Rank Pitcher Matchup
1 Max Scherzer vs. PIT
2 Blake Snell @ TOR
3 Justin Verlander @ SEA
4 Zach Eflin @ MIA
5 Kyle Freeland @ SF
6 Madison Bumgarner vs. COL
7 Michael Pineda vs. DET
8 Merrill Kelly vs. SD
9 Caleb Smith vs. PHI
10 Kyle Hendricks vs. LAA
11 Chris Archer @ WSH
12 Matt Strahm @ ARI
13 Rick Porcello vs. BAL
14 Julio Teheran vs. NYM
15 Adam Wainwright @ CIN
16 Tyson Ross @ MIN
17 Jason Vargas @ ATL
18 Tanner Roark vs. STL
19 CC Sabathia vs. CHW
20 Ivan Nova @ NYY
21 Marco Estrada @ TEX
22 Clay Buchholz vs. TB
23 Jefry Rodriguez @ KC
24 Homer Bailey vs. CLE
25 Zach Davies @ LAD
26 Mystery LAD Prospect vs. MIL
27 Adrian Sampson vs. OAK
28 Felix Hernandez vs. HOU
29 Chris Stratton @ CHC
30 Andrew Cashner @ BOS


Tomorrow’s Starting Pitcher Rankings

Rank Pitcher Matchup
1 Max Scherzer vs. PIT
2 Jacob deGrom @ ATL
3 Gerrit Cole @ SEA
4 Corey Kluber @ KC
5 Jose Berrios vs. DET
6 German Marquez @ SF
7 David Price vs. BAL
8 Charlie Morton @ TOR
9 Zack Greinke vs. SD
10 Jameson Taillon @ WSH
11 Domingo German vs. CHW
12 Miles Mikolas @ CIN
13 Derek Holland vs. COL
14 Vince Velasquez @ MIA
15 Jake Junis vs. CLE
16 Marco Gonzales vs. HOU
17 Carlos Rodon @ NYY
18 Ross Stripling vs. MIL
19 Marcus Stroman vs. TB
20 Jordan Zimmermann @ MIN
21 Jhoulys Chacin @ LAD
22 Eric Lauer @ ARI
23 Trevor Cahill @ CHC
24 Jose Urena vs. PHI
25 Anthony DeSclafani vs. STL
26 Julio Teheran vs. NYM
27 Brett Anderson @ TEX
28 Shelby Miller vs. OAK
29 John Means @ BOS
30 Tyler Chatwood vs. LAA

(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

7 responses to “Ranking All of Today’s And Tomorrow’s SP Matchups – 4/13 & 4/14”

  1. ConorA says:

    Pick 3 starts

    Verlander @ SEA (Hernandez)

    Marquez @ SF (Holland)

    Morton @ TOR (Stroman)

    Greinke vs SD (Lauer)

  2. Sam says:

    Pretty impressive Scherzer is pitching today and tomorrow

  3. JackS says:

    I thought Domingo German was being skipped Sunday(?)

  4. Vinnie says:

    Where would Anibal Sanchez (today for Washington instead of Scherzer) fit in?

  5. theKraken says:

    Where is the right place to talk about Machado’s throw from last night? That is THE problem with evaluating defense and it always has been. I am not sure that Statcast doesn’t do an even worse job than the eyes on a lot of plays. Machado fielded that ball in fair territory – his entire body was in fair territory. Manny proceeds to take three giant steps into foul territory and unleashes an off-balance throw across the diamond, then he gets credit for making an exceptionally long throw. Would that have been more impressive if he took 5 steps into foul territory (AKA the Arenado)? If he made the far smarter decision to plant his feet and make a strong throw it would be less impressive? He certainly had plenty of time to do whatever he wanted. He did not get rid of the ball quickly nor did he set his feet well enough to throw that ball exceptionally hard and he still got him by three steps. It is no coincidence that the catcher was running – Manny knew that when he made the decision to ham that play up. Everything about that throw was a choice made my Machado. Was the ball difficult to get to? I don’t really know the answer to that but that throw was made “difficult” because he decided to do that. I have read stuff like – “I don’t know if anyone else makes that play” – there were many ways that play cold have been made. He had all day to make that throw. I would argue that he made a selfish decision as it did not have to be all that tough a play. Most guys would take two steps and make a simple long throw across the diamond to throw out the catcher. I wonder where Statcast gives him credit for throwing from. It certainly isn’t where he fielded the ball. It could be as absurd as where he ran off to after the throw – probably not but it is useful to think about how a player can manipulate how a machine measures “quality defense”. Perhaps it was a great play with the glove, but the idea that we credit him for that throw is flawed. He chose to make that throw difficult. If that is what we are celebrating, then we need to pull out heads out of the catch probabilities. Then again, its not clear what we are celebrating – we are being told that we should appreciate it. If he got rid of the ball quickly or had to rush to throw him out, I would feel differently, but of course that isn’t what happened. Can you imagine if we judged unnecessary outfield dives as great plays – this is like that.

  6. Brett says:

    Tanaka is starting today vs. the white Sox. Where does he rank?

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