Ranking Every Two-Start Pitcher For Week 4 (4/23 – 4/29)

Nick Pollack looks at every two-start pitcher for Week 4, telling you which to start and which to bench.

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Every Friday I look at every projected two-start pitcher for the week ahead and detail my thoughts about rolling with them on your roster. There are four tiers: Definitely, Probably, Questionable, Bench. Definitely Start features starters that are no doubters for the week ahead followed by Probably Start with pitchers that look like good plays but may create a hesitation or two. Players labeled as Questionable are for deeper leagues or have one-of-two outings that should be skipped. Pitchers under Bench should be avoided despite their two starts in the week ahead.

Note: This article was written Friday morning, estimating probable starters through the week. These are subject to change.

Definitely Start

Gerrit Cole (LAA, OAK)

Carlos Carrasco (@BAL, SEA)

Masahiro Tanaka (MIN, @LAA)

Rick Porcello (@TOR, TBR)

Robbie Ray (@PHI, @WSH)

Jose Berrios (@NYY, CIN)

  • I can understand if people are hesitant to trust Masahiro Tanaka against the Angels, but I think his talent level speaks higher to the recent performances and he should be started for both if you own him.
  • It may be surprising to see Rick Porcello here, but with his hot start and two unintimidating offenses, he should be started everywhere.
  • There is some slight concern with Robbie Ray and Jose Berrios against the Nationals and Yankees, but each are well capable of pulling off fantastic outings while are prime for a stud evening against their weaker opponents.

Probably Start

Gio Gonzalez (@SFG, ARI)

  • It’s just Gio in the second tier this week and it’s weird. Either you have definitive starts, good pitchers with one scary start, or a lot of middling pitchers with good matchups. Then there’s Gio, facing a Giants team that allowed fellow southpaw Corbin to demolish them twice, and an Arizona team that doesn’t make me question a start.



J.A. Happ (BOS, TEX)

CC Sabathia (MIN, @LAA)

Steven Matz (@STL, @SDP)

Matthew Boyd (@PIT, @BAL)

Chad Bettis (SDP, @MIA)

Jacob Faria (@BAL, @BOS)

Brandon McCarthy (@CIN, @PHI)

Zach Davies (@KCR, @CHC)

Kevin Gausman (CLE, DET)

Mike Leake (@CHW, @CLE)

Trevor Cahill (@TEX, @HOU)

Marco Gonzales (@CHW, @CLE)

Tyler Mahle (ATL, @MIN)

Chad Kuhl (DET, STL)

Ian Kennedy (MIL, CHW)

Vince Velasquez (ARI, ATL)

  • There are a lot of names here as teams’ fourth and fifth starters are getting the plethora of double starts. Many have great matchups and are rolling hot – Chad Bettis, Vince Velasquez Matt Boyd, Steven Matz, Brandon McCarthy – while some are being considered given the possibility of pulling off a good week with one weak opponent and one above-average team – Trevor Cahill, Mike Leake, Zach Davies, Tyler Mahle, Marco Gonzales.
  • I would love to place J.A. Happ a tier higher, but facing the Red Sox is a daunting task. The same goes for Jacob Faria.
  • I’m not ready to fully trust Kevin Gausmanbut I think he can be effective against the Tigers and he has it in him to survive the Indians.
  • CC Sabathia is a decent option if you’re looking to steal a Win or two.
  • I debated about Chad Kuhl given his repertoire that speaks to better performances and his favorable two starts may be enough to consider him as a last resort.


Sal Romano (ATL, @MIN)

Miguel Gonzalez (SEA, @KCR)

Adam Wainwright (NYM, @PIT)

Matt Moore (OAK, @TOR)

Carson Fulmer (SEA, @KCR)

Bryan Mitchell (@COL, NYM)

Alex Cobb (TBR, DET)

Tyler Chatwood (@CLE, MIL)

Jarlin Garcia (@LAD, COL)

Chris Stratton (WSH, LAD)

Ty Blach (WSH, LAD)

  • Chris Stratton is the only one here with two tough matchups that held me back from raising him into the third tier. Maybe Ty Blach as well, but he’s prone to making a Grave Mistake and that just doesn’t sit right with me.
  • It’s possible in a few weeks Alex Cobb can get himself out of the fourth tier, but for now, he’s not worth the risk.
  • Even with dates against the Jays and Athletics, I just don’t trust Matt Moore enough to endorse him.
  • Adam Wainwright is a far cry from his former self. Look elsewhere despite facing the Mets and Pirates.
  • I’m not a fan of Tyler Chatwood’s walk rates and facing the Brewers + Indians looks to be a tough week ahead.

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

5 responses to “Ranking Every Two-Start Pitcher For Week 4 (4/23 – 4/29)”

  1. Dave Roberts says:

    I believe Maeda is scheduled to start on Mon/Sat… oversight here or does he not even make it to the bench list given your lack of interest in owning him?

    • Nick Pollack says:

      He would be here if locked into it, maybe you – Dave Roberts – can help us there :)

      If he gets both of those starts, he’d be a probable starter.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey what’s up nick just got offered bundy and Lindor for altuve ? I love altuve but bundy looks real good and I also have albies to play at 2 for me …. should I pull that trigger or no ?

  3. Juan Lucky Pierre says:

    I realize Darvish is not a 2-start SP this week, but is there anything we should be excited about or is it just going to take time for him to work out his command issues?

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