Requiem for a Butterfly and 6 Hot Things from Sunday’s Games

Patrick Corbin's command is still a little off

Requiem for a Butterfly… Almost


If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch Fox Sports Arizona’s Requiem for a Bird. It is a hard-hitting and insightful documentary on the events of one March 24th, 2001, when Randy Johnson threw a pitch none of us would ever forget. 19 years later, another (former) Diamondback left-handed starter almost followed his footsteps.

More than anything, I’m impressed by the butterfly’s immediate evasive reflexes. As soon as that ball leaves Corbin’s hands, that butterfly starts elevating to get out of the path of the ball. It’s cruising and declining in altitude right up until the release point, and then pumps its wings three quick times to get up and out of there. This is also just another example of Corbin’s lack of command this year, and you have to believe he’s really disappointed in himself for this missed opportunity.

Butterfly, I hope you are making the most of your second chance in life here. Perhaps seeing your life flash before your eyes helped you realize what’s truly important in life, and you’ve given up on the daredevil lifestyle. Because Max Scherzer is on the mound tomorrow, and I certainly would not want to tempt fate for a second time with him.


Mike Trout, Meteorologist pt. 110


I’ll be honest, I feel for Mike Trout. While he’s a once-in-a-generation talent on the field, his true passion lies off the field, in weather reporting, and he’s in the worst place in the country for that. Southern California just does not get exciting weather. Sure, we catch fire every few years, and we do have the Santa Ana winds blowing through for a few months a year, but there are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no snow, none of that cool stuff that Trout was used to seeing growing up in New Jersey. So when some weather stuff does happen to us, like one of the worst heat waves rips through, Trout takes the opportunity to speak up about his true passion. And of course, being the national treasure that he is, his main focus is on his second biggest passion, baseball fans. What a sweet, wholesome guy. And yes Mike Trout, I’m good now. Thanks for your concern bud.


Speaking of Getting Heated…

Is anyone surprised that it’s Joe West pulling this kind of crap? I mean, how does he even know who to throw out? There are so many people in the stands. Mike Rizzo standing up there, defiantly staring down at West is just the greatest thing. I think he’s hoping West will come up there himself to try and escort Rizzo out. I’m not sure what was said, but I’m sure it had to be pretty bad to be thrown out from the stadium. Then again, it is Joe West, so… probably not.


Pop Foul to the Rizzo


Well, they aren’t wrong. A few weeks ago, I highlighted the wizardry that Aaron Hicks displayed, using telepathy to get the ball way over the head of the Boston Red Sox first basemen and turn a sure groundout into a single. This week, Anthony Rizzo showcased his skills, turning a high pop fly into an easy groundout at the bag. If only Kolten Wong knew what was happening, he could have run it out and gotten a single out of the deal. He could have run it out anyway, just on the off chance that the ball landed fair. But alas, he didn’t, and Rizzo got to record an unassisted groundout at first base.


Johnny Cueto Wants the Aux Cable Back

This is perhaps the most relatable thing that I’ve ever witnessed on a baseball field. This happened at least once in every car I got in during the late 2000s when aux cables reigned supreme. Your buddy would ask for the aux cable from the backseat, plug his iPod or iPhone in, and play some of the wackest tunes you had ever heard until you ripped the cable back and put on good music again. Johnny, just don’t give up the aux cable next time.

On the other hand, who on Earth isn’t a Frank Sinatra fan? Come on Cueto.


Whatever This Is


If anyone can tell me what’s happening in the video above, I would greatly appreciate it.

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