Sean Anderson Knows Baseball, Springsteen, and a Mac & Cheese Recipe

Ben and Zach are joined by Sean Anderson to talk about... stuff!

Ben and Zach are fortunate enough to be joined this week by Sean Anderson, former producer at Chicagoland radio station 670 The Score and current host of the Locked On White Sox Podcast, to talk about a million different things that can’t possible be condensed into a single paragraph but include, among many other things: hot dogs, Esteban Loaiza, Captain Crunch Berries, why Field of Dreams sucks, and being told at a young age that, plot twist: you’re not gonna be a pro sportball player.


1:30 – Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose buzzer beater bank shots in the 2015 Eastern Conference Playoffs

3:45 – Pink mics

6:15 – A cat or a squirrel?

9:30 – Being told at age six that you’re not gonna make it as a sportball player: the Sean Anderson origin story

14 – Dane Dunning love

19:15 – The best New Yorker in North Carolina

21:30 – College radio

23:15 – Get Back reviews and Paul McCartney’s granny music

29 – Ranking Springsteen

35:30 – Christmas Shoes?

38:30 – Why baseball? Leaving it alone.

43 – Sammy Sosa, Chicago White Sox outfielder

45 – Esteban Loaiza’s windup

46:30 – Hot dog and other essential ballpark foods

53 – Commissioner for a Day

1:01:30 – Order of Operations trifecta!

1:07 – The utterly pathetic Chicago Blackhawks organization

1:15 – A long rumination on baseball movies, the Sandlot, Major League, and Field of Dreams

1:28 – Jesus Christ resurrected outside the 670 The Score studios

1:37 – Ghosts, or lack thereof?

1:42 – The Full Count!

  • Sean’s Book Recommendation: Joe Posnanski’s Top 100 Players
  • Sean’s Food Recommendation: Mac n’ Cheese
  • Sean’s Movies/TV Recommendation: Die Hard/Deadliest Catch
  • Sean’s Music Recommendation: Faye Webster
  • Sean’s Miscellaneous Recommendation: Play Lots Of Madden

Zach Hayes

Zach is based in Chicago and contributes analysis and coverage for Pitcher List and South Side Sox. He also co-hosts the Shaggin' Flies podcast with Ben Palmer, and enjoys reading, Justin Fields highlights, and people-watching on the CTA.

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