Sit/Start Week 10: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 5/31-6/6

Lucas Zenobi scores every starting pitcher matchup for the week ahead.

Welcome back to Sit/Start, where every Saturday here at Pitcher List, we review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead.  I will be carrying over Max Freeze’s ranking system from last year.

There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Starts are sure-fire starts for those particular pitchers. This does not mean that they are incapable of having a bad outing, but I consider them more likely than not to have a good outing if they are designated as a Start.

However, the degree of confidence I have in a pitcher to have a strong outing is judged by their number in the tier. For example, I am much more confident that a Start-10 will have a good outing over a Start-7, even though I expect both to perform well.

The same goes for the other tiers. Maybes are starts that are a bit riskier, but depending on your league size or roster requirements, they may need to be used. A Start-10 is a pitcher who I believe will almost definitely have a strong outing, for example, Shane Bieber at the Detroit Tigers. A Sit-1 is a pitcher who under no circumstances you should consider starting.

A lot of games are happening this week with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday! Take a look below, and see how your rotation shapes up this week. Feel free to question my rankings in the comments, and let’s discuss!


Monday – 5/31
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
5/31 MIN at BAL Berrios Start-7 Lopez Sit-1
5/31 TBR at NYY Hill Maybe-5 King Sit-2
5/31 DET at MIL Urena Sit-2 Burnes Start-10
5/31 PHI at CIN Velasquez Sit-3 Mahle Start-7
5/31 SDP at CHC Musgrove Start-8 Williams Sit-2
5/31 CHW at CLE Rodon Start-9 Quantrill Sit-1
5/31 LAA at SFG Heaney Sit-2 Cueto Maybe-4
5/31 BOS at HOU Richards Sit-2 Urquidy Sit-3
5/31 OAK at SEA Kaprielian Maybe-6 Gilbert Sit-1
5/31 WSN at ATL Ross Sit-1 Smyly Sit-2
5/31 CHW at CLE Kopech Start-8 McKenzie Sit-1
5/31 PIT at KCR Crowe Sit-1 Minor Maybe-4
5/31 STL at LAD Flaherty Maybe-6 Bauer Start-8
5/31 NYM at ARI Reid-Foley Maybe-6 Kelly Sit-3


Tuesday – 6/1
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/1 CHW at CLE Cease Start-7 Bieber Start-9
6/1 TBR at NYY Glasnow Start-8 Montgomery Maybe-6
6/1 MIN at BAL Pineda Maybe-5 Zimmermann Sit-1
6/1 MIA at TOR Lopez Start-7 Manoah Start-7
6/1 PHI at CIN Nola Start-8 Gray Maybe-5
6/1 WSN at ATL Strasburg Sit-3 Davidson Sit-2
6/1 DET at MIL Boyd Maybe-4 Houser Maybe-5
6/1 SDP at CHC Paddack Maybe-5 Hendricks Maybe-6
6/1 BOS at HOU Pivetta Sit-2 Garcia Maybe-5
6/1 PIT at KCR Anderson Sit-3 Singer Maybe-6
6/1 TEX at COL Dunning Maybe-4 Marquez Sit-2
6/1 NYM at ARI Stroman Start-7 Peacock Sit-3
6/1 LAA at SFG Canning Sit-2 Wood Start-7
6/1 OAK at SEA Bassitt Start-7 Gonzales Sit-1
6/1 STL at LAD Gant Sit-1 Price Maybe-6


Wednesday – 6/2
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/2 PHI at CIN Howard Maybe-4 Gutierrez Sit-1
6/2 CHW at CLE Keuchel Maybe-4 Morgan Sit-3
6/2 SDP at CHC Weathers Sit-3 Alzolay Maybe-6
6/2 NYM at ARI Walker Maybe-4 Bumgarner Maybe-6
6/2 TBR at NYY McClanahan Maybe-6 Cole Start-8
6/2 MIN at BAL Dobnak Sit-2 Harvey Sit-1
6/2 MIA at TOR Hernandez Sit-2 Ray Start-7
6/2 WSN at ATL Lester Sit-1 Anderson Start-7
6/2 BOS at HOU Perez Sit-1 Valdez Sit-2
6/2 TEX at COL Lyles Sit-1 Senzatela Sit-1
6/2 STL at LAD Martinez Sit-1 Buehler Start-8
6/2 OAK at SEA Manaea Maybe-6 Flexen Sit-2


Thursday – 6/3
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/3 WSN at ATL Corbin Sit-2 Fried Maybe-6
6/3 TBR at NYY Yarbrough Maybe-4 Garcia Sit-2
6/3 BOS at HOU Eovaldi Maybe-6 Odorizzi Sit-2
6/3 TEX at COL Foltynewicz Sit-2 Gray Maybe-4
6/3 MIA at PIT Poteet Maybe-6 Brubaker Maybe-5
6/3 ARI at MIL Frankoff Sit-1 Anderson Sit-2
6/3 MIN at KCR Happ Sit-2 Hernandez Sit-1
6/3 DET at CHW Mize Maybe-4 Lynn Start-10
6/3 CIN at STL Castillo Maybe-5 Oviedo Sit-1
6/3 SEA at LAA Sheffield Sit-1 Ohtani Start-7
6/3 CHC at SFG Davies Sit-1 DeSclafani Maybe-6
6/3 NYM at SDP Peterson Sit-2 Lamet Maybe-4


Friday – 6/4
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/4 CLE at BAL Hentges Sit-1 Means Start-8
6/4 MIA at PIT Rogers Start-8 Kuhl Sit-1
6/4 BOS at NYY Rodriguez Maybe-5 German Maybe-5
6/4 WSN at PHI Scherzer Start-8 Wheeler Start-9
6/4 HOU at TOR Greinke Start-7 Ryu Start-7
6/4 LAD at ATL Urias Start-7 Morton Maybe-6
6/4 TBR at TEX Wacha Sit-1 Yang Sit-1
6/4 MIN at KCR Shoemaker Sit-1 Keller Sit-2
6/4 DET at CHW Turnbull Maybe-5 Giolito Start-8
6/4 ARI at MIL Martin Sit-1 Peralta Start-8
6/4 CIN at STL Miley Maybe-5 Wainwright Maybe-4
6/4 OAK at COL Montas Sit-2 Gomber Sit-2
6/4 SEA at LAA Dunn Sit-1 Cobb Maybe-6
6/4 CHC at SFG Arrieta Sit-2 Webb Maybe-5
6/4 NYM at SDP deGrom Start-9 Darvish Start-9


Saturday – 6/5
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/5 DET at CHW Skubal Sit-1 Rodon Start-9
6/5 CIN at STL Mahle Maybe-6 Hyun Kim Sit-3
6/5 HOU at TOR Urquidy Sit-3 Stripling Maybe-4
6/5 TBR at TEX Hill Maybe-5 Gibson Sit-3
6/5 MIA at PIT Alcantara Start-10 Crowe Sit-1
6/5 CLE at BAL Civale Maybe-6 Akin Maybe-4
6/5 WSN at PHI Ross Sit-1 Eflin Start-7
6/5 MIN at KCR Berrios Start-7 Minor Sit-2
6/5 ARI at MIL Kelly Sit-2 Woodruff Start-9
6/5 LAD at ATL Kershaw Start-8 Smyly Sit-1
6/5 BOS at NYY Richards Sit-2 Taillon Maybe-4
6/5 CHC at SFG Williams Sit-1 Gausman Start-8
6/5 OAK at COL Irvin Sit-3 Freeland Sit-2
6/5 SEA at LAA Kikuchi Maybe-6 Quintana Maybe-5
6/5 NYM at SDP Lucchesi Sit-3 Snell Maybe-6


Sunday – 6/6
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/6 CLE at BAL McKenzie Sit-1 Lopez Sit-1
6/6 MIA at PIT Lopez Start-9 Anderson Maybe-4
6/6 WSN at PHI Strasburg Maybe-4 Velasquez Sit-3
6/6 HOU at TOR Garcia Maybe-5 Matz Maybe-5
6/6 LAD at ATL Bauer Start-8 Davidson Sit-1
6/6 ARI at MIL Peacock Sit-3 Burnes Start-9
6/6 MIN at KCR Pineda Maybe-5 Singer Maybe-5
6/6 DET at CHW Urena Sit-2 Cease Start-8
6/6 CIN at STL Gray Maybe-5 Flaherty Start-7
6/6 TBR at TEX Glasnow Start-8 Dunning Sit-3
6/6 OAK at COL Kaprielian Maybe-4 Marquez Sit-2
6/6 CHC at SFG Hendricks Maybe-6 Cueto Maybe-4
6/6 SEA at LAA Gilbert Sit-1 Bundy Start-7
6/6 NYM at SDP Stroman Maybe-6 Musgrove Start-8
6/6 BOS at NYY Pivetta Sit-3 Montgomery Maybe-5

Lucas Zenobi

Lucas Zenobi is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fan. His other interests include film, music, and any and all things Pittsburgh.

4 responses to “Sit/Start Week 10: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 5/31-6/6”

  1. Jason says:

    First and last name. Please. For the love.

  2. Eric says:

    Looks like Kopech will not be starting either of Monday’s games.

  3. AW says:

    Mahle pitches today (Sunday).

  4. AJ says:

    Given the mess that was the weekend… can we just redo this whole list?

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