Sit/Start Week 13: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 6/21-6/27

Lucas Zenobi scores every starting pitcher matchup for the week ahead.

Welcome back to Sit/Start, where every Saturday here at Pitcher List, we review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead.  I will be carrying over Max Freeze’s ranking system from last year.

There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Starts are sure-fire starts for those particular pitchers. This does not mean that they are incapable of having a bad outing, but I consider them more likely than not to have a good outing if they are designated as a Start.

However, the degree of confidence I have in a pitcher to have a strong outing is judged by their number in the tier. For example, I am much more confident that a Start-10 will have a good outing over a Start-7, even though I expect both to perform well.

The same goes for the other tiers. Maybes are starts that are a bit riskier, but depending on your league size or roster requirements, they may need to be used. A Start-10 is a pitcher who I believe will almost definitely have a strong outing, for example, Shane Bieber at the Detroit Tigers. A Sit-1 is a pitcher who under no circumstances you should consider starting.

There are massive changes happening at starting pitcher from sticky substances to pitchers coming off of the IL. There’s a lot of change in perception here. Take a look below, and see how your rotation shapes up this week. Feel free to question my rankings in the comments, and let’s discuss!


Monday – 6/21
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/21 ATL at NYM Anderson Start-7 deGrom Start-9
6/21 HOU at BAL Odorizzi Sit-3 Akin Sit-2
6/21 OAK at TEX Montas Maybe-6 Gibson Maybe-5
6/21 CLE at CHC Civale Maybe-5 Alzolay Maybe-5
6/21 CIN at MIN Mahle Start-7 Happ Sit-1
6/21 ATL at NYM Wilson Sit-2 Reid-Foley Maybe-4
6/21 MIL at ARI Anderson Sit-1 Kelly Sit-3
6/21 LAD at SDP Urias Start-7 Snell Sit-3


Tuesday – 6/22
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/22 CIN at MIN Miley Maybe-5 Ober Maybe-4
6/22 KCR at NYY Minor Maybe-5 Cole Start-9
6/22 CHW at PIT Giolito Start-10 Anderson Maybe-4
6/22 WSN at PHI Rodriguez Sit-1 Eflin Start-7
6/22 HOU at BAL Greinke Start-7 Lopez Sit-2
6/22 STL at DET Oviedo Maybe-4 Skubal Maybe-5
6/22 BOS at TBR Rodriguez Maybe-4 Yarbrough Maybe-5
6/22 ATL at NYM Morton Start-7 Stroman Maybe-5
6/22 TOR at MIA Stripling Maybe-5 Alcantara Start-7
6/22 OAK at TEX Irvin Maybe-4 Lyles Sit-1
6/22 CLE at CHC Morgan Sit-1 Hendricks Start-7
6/22 SFG at LAA DeSclafani Maybe-5 Heaney Maybe-4
6/22 MIL at ARI Peralta Start-9 Gallen Maybe-4
6/22 COL at SEA Freeland Sit-2 Flexen Maybe-4
6/22 LAD at SDP Kershaw Start-8 Musgrove Maybe-6


Wednesday – 6/23
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/23 CHW at PIT Cease Start-9 De Jong Sit-1
6/23 WSN at PHI Fedde Sit-3 Wheeler Start-9
6/23 STL at DET Gant Maybe-4 Manning Sit-2
6/23 MIL at ARI Woodruff Start-10 Smith Sit-3
6/23 SFG at LAA Gausman Start-8 Canning Maybe-4
6/23 COL at SEA Marquez Maybe-5 Sheffield Sit-1
6/23 KCR at NYY Singer Maybe-5 King Sit-1
6/23 HOU at BAL Urquidy Start-7 Zimmermann Sit-1
6/23 ATL at NYM Fried Start-7 Lucchesi Sit-3
6/23 BOS at TBR Richards Sit-3 Hill Maybe-5
6/23 TOR at MIA Zeuch Sit-2 Thompson Maybe-4
6/23 OAK at TEX Kaprielian Maybe-5 Foltynewicz Sit-1
6/23 LAD at SDP Bauer Start-7 Paddack Sit-3


Thursday – 6/24
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/24 KCR at NYY Kowar Sit-3 Taillon Sit-3
6/24 OAK at TEX Bassitt Start-7 Allard Maybe-5
6/24 BAL at TOR Kremer Sit-1 Ray Start-8
6/24 BOS at TBR Pivetta Maybe-4 Wacha Sit-1
6/24 HOU at DET Garcia Start-8 Urena Sit-1
6/24 WSN at MIA Ross Sit-3 Lopez Start-7
6/24 ATL at CIN Smyly Sit-1 Santillan Sit-1
6/24 CLE at MIN Mejia Sit-2 Berrios Start-7
6/24 PIT at STL Kuhl Sit-1 Martinez Maybe-4
6/24 CHC at LAD Davies Sit-1 Buehler Start-7


Friday – 6/25
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/25 COL at MIL Senzatela Sit-2 Burnes Start-10
6/25 PHI at NYM Velasquez Sit-2 Peterson Sit-3
6/25 BAL at TOR Harvey Sit-1 Manoah Maybe-6
6/25 LAA at TBR Ohtani Maybe-6 Fleming Sit-3
6/25 WSN at MIA Lester Sit-2 Rogers Start-8
6/25 HOU at DET Valdez Start-9 Mize Sit-2
6/25 NYY at BOS German Sit-3 Perez Sit-1
6/25 ATL at CIN Muller Sit-1 Gutierrez Sit-3
6/25 PHI at NYM Nola Start-7 Szapucki Sit-2
6/25 KCR at TEX Bubic Sit-2 Dunning Maybe-6
6/25 CLE at MIN Quantrill Sit-3 Pineda Maybe-4
6/25 SEA at CHW Dunn Sit-1 Rodon Start-10
6/25 PIT at STL Crowe Sit-1 Wainwright Start-7
6/25 OAK at SFG Manaea Maybe-4 Cueto Maybe-4
6/25 ARI at SDP Peacock Sit-1 Lamet Maybe-4


Saturday – 6/26
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/26 SEA at CHW Kikuchi Start-7 Lynn Start-10
6/26 CLE at MIN Civale Maybe-5 Maeda Maybe-5
6/26 PIT at STL Brubaker Maybe-5 Hyun Kim Maybe-4
6/26 BAL at TOR Akin Sit-1 Ryu Start-7
6/26 KCR at TEX Keller Sit-1 Gibson Maybe-6
6/26 COL at MIL Gomber Maybe-6 Houser Maybe-5
6/26 HOU at DET McCullers Start-8 Turnbull Maybe-4
6/26 LAA at TBR Cobb Maybe-6 McClanahan Maybe-4
6/26 WSN at MIA Scherzer Start-7 Poteet Sit-3
6/26 PHI at NYM Howard Sit-1 Walker Maybe-5
6/26 ATL at CIN Anderson Start-7 Castillo Maybe-6
6/26 CHC at LAD Alzolay Maybe-4 Urias Start-8
6/26 NYY at BOS Montgomery Maybe-4 Eovaldi Start-7
6/26 OAK at SFG Montas Maybe-5 Wood Maybe-6
6/26 ARI at SDP Young Sit-1 Darvish Start-10


Sunday – 6/27
Date Game Away Pitcher Sit / Start Home Pitcher Sit / Start
6/27 BAL at TOR Lopez Sit-2 Stripling Maybe-5
6/27 LAA at TBR Sandoval Maybe-5 Yarbrough Maybe-5
6/27 HOU at DET Odorizzi Maybe-4 Skubal Maybe-4
6/27 WSN at MIA Corbin Sit-3 Alcantara Start-8
6/27 PHI at NYM Eflin Start-7 deGrom Start-9
6/27 NYY at BOS Cole Start-7 Rodriguez Maybe-4
6/27 ATL at CIN Morton Maybe-6 Mahle Maybe-6
6/27 CLE at MIN Morgan Sit-1 Happ Sit-1
6/27 SEA at CHW Gilbert Maybe-5 Keuchel Maybe-6
6/27 COL at MIL Gray Sit-3 Lauer Sit-2
6/27 PIT at STL Anderson Sit-3 Oviedo Maybe-4
6/27 KCR at TEX Minor Maybe-5 Lyles Sit-1
6/27 OAK at SFG Irvin Sit-2 Long Sit-2
6/27 ARI at SDP Kelly Sit-2 Snell Maybe-4
6/27 CHC at LAD Williams Sit-1 Kershaw Start-8



Lucas Zenobi

Lucas Zenobi is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fan. His other interests include film, music, and any and all things Pittsburgh.

4 responses to “Sit/Start Week 13: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 6/21-6/27”

  1. AW says:

    Darvish pitches today, not Snell.

    • Eric says:

      This looks like Lucas was using an old probables list from last week. Lots has changed since then. You’d expect an article published today would have at least used the current probables list.

  2. Chris says:

    Rogers is listed as going Wednesday v Blue Jays

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