Tanner Roark’s Fastball vs. James Paxton’s Fastball

Tanner Roark's Fastball vs. James Paxton's Fastball. Vote the winner of Nastiest Pitching GIFs of the Second Quarter 2018!

It has been a tough season for Tanner Roarkthough he’s had his moments with his heater, giving us exactly what we want: magnificent front-door two-seamers. This one to Brad Miller is as good as they come, dotting the inside corner after starting at Miller’s hip. James Paxton is able to get some life to his pitch, this time off the plate, beginning along the outside corner before zooming out of the zone. It’s lesser movement could be balanced by its phenomenal 98mph velocity. Does Paxton’s balance of power and nuance outshine Roark’s craft?

Tanner Roark’s Fastball vs. James Paxton’s Fastball

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