The 10 Nastiest Pitches From Last Week

The Nastiest Pitches from last week's games are right here

Pitcher List was founded on the back of filthy pitches, and we strive to bring you the best of the best every day. However, with over 70+ pitches featured every week, there is a lot to sort through. We ask you, the readers, to vote for your favorite every day, and now is your chance to crown the best of the week.

Every week, we will be featuring the top pitches from each day as voted on by the readers. Then, every Tuesday, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite of the week. Make your voice heard in the comments, on Twitter, and in our Discord for which pitch you think is the best!


5/17 – Michael King’s Curveball




Michael King has a 33% CSW with his curveball this year, a pretty good number that would likely be the best pitch for a lot of relievers in the majors. But that’s not the case for King, as his changeup (52.6% CSW) and sinker (49% CSW) have both been better pitches statistically. You wouldn’t know it from this GIF, though, as Trey Mancini was completely fooled by this wicked breaker.


5/17 – Justin Bruihl’s Slider




Justin Bruihl isn’t someone who’s really on our radar for Nastiest Pitches. His cutter has been his best pitch with a 25.9% CSW, but that’s still not a great number. His ERA (2.46) and WHIP (0.91) are solid, though, and he’s not giving up a lot of hard contact. So he’s pitching well and performing by all accounts, but for Nastiest Pitches purposes we want to see pitches with a bit more flair. Something that makes you go “oof”. Well, this slider passes the test. This will do.


5/19 – Jorge López’s Knuckle Curve




Jorge López has always had a filthy repertoire, but it never quite clicked as a starter. I love the fact that it’s starting to click for him now in a relief role because his stuff has been electric this season.


5/19 – Marcus Stroman’s Slider




Marcus Stroman is one of the most fun pitchers to watch in baseball and you can’t tell me otherwise. The joy and excitement he brings to the game of baseball make his starts must-see TV. So does the filth, of course, and his slider is all kinds of nasty.


5/20 – Kyle Hendricks‘ Changeup




Stroman’s teammate, Kyle Hendricks, is a totally different type of pitcher. In an age of flamethrowers, Hendricks sticks out like a sore thumb (in a good way). While he may lack elite velocity, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t lack filth, and his ability to make hitters look silly when seemingly everything he throws is “off-speed” is super impressive.


5/20 – Charlie Morton’s Curveball




Charlie Morton once again threw a filthy curveball worthy of a shoutout in the weekly article. Like clockwork, of course.


5/20 – Logan Gillaspie’s Slider




Logan Gillaspie has entered the chat. This filthy breaker exploded out of his hand and easily passes the “oof” test.


5/20 – Aaron Ashby’s Changeup




I’m of the belief that a full-time role in the rotation will greatly benefit Aaron Ashby’s development this season. He clearly has the stuff, and this is as nasty of a changeup as you’ll see from a lefty. It’s going to be a fun year for Brewers fans.


5/21 – Jeffrey Springs‘ Changeup




Speaking of lefty changeups, this one from Jeffrey Springs is also flat-out disgusting, and the late down and away movement is a thing of beauty.


5/21 – Brandon Woodruff’s Changeup




We’ll finish this up with a righty changeup, one from Brandon Woodruff that is perfectly located and fades off the edge of the zone in just the right ways.


What Was The Nastiest Pitch From Last Week?


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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