The 10 Nastiest Pitches From Last Week

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Pitcher List was founded on the back of filthy pitches, and we strive to bring you the best of the best every day. However, with over 70+ pitches featured every week, there are a lot to sort through. We ask you, the readers, to vote for your favorite every day, and now is your chance to crown the best of the week.

Every week, we will be featuring the top pitches from each day as voted on by the readers. Then, every Tuesday, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite for the week. Make your voice heard in the comments, on Twitter, and in our Discord for which pitch you think is the best!


4/19 – Dustin May’s Curveball




Dodgers pitchers had themselves one heck of a nasty week. First up is this ridiculous slider from Dustin May which started over the middle of the plate and ended up almost midway out of the opposing batter’s box. Mitch Haniger has been on a tear this year but even he had no shot of catching up with that one.


4/19 – Garrett Whitlock’s Changeup




The rookie Garrett Whitlock makes another appearance in the Nastiest Pitches of the Week, this time thanks to a changeup that rode up and in to the reigning AL MVP that made him look silly. Whitlock has some control issues to iron out early on in his career, but there’s no doubt he has the stuff to rack up the Ks out of the Red Sox bullpen.


4/20 – Kenley Jansen’s Cutter




Woof. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cutter with this much horizontal movement that also lacked vertical drop. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, so if you’ve seen one send it my way! Kenley Jansen’s usage has been a bit questionable this year, but his velocity has been up across the board. My gut tells me the Dodgers are just trying to make sure he’s got plenty of gas left in the tank come October, so don’t fret about a lack of saves early in the year.


4/21 – Devin Williams‘ Changeup




Death. Taxes. Nasty Devin Williams changeups. This one makes Victor Caratini look like he belongs in Little League.


4/21 – Drew Pomeranz’s Curveball




I love this pitch. It took off like a rocket out of his hand and moved a ton. An 85 MPH curveball isn’t totally out of the ordinary, but this one looks way faster than that. Super impressive stuff from Drew Pomeranz.


4/22 – Kendall Graveman’s Slider




I feel bad for Marwin González. Not only does he look foolish swinging at this nasty slider, but he also takes the pitch right off the kneecap in what looks to be a painful HBP. Yikes. Kendall Graveman didn’t mean to hit him, but when a slider has that much movement it’s hard to imagine he didn’t expect the pitch to dart that far inside. González ended up being okay, so all is well that ends well.


4/23 – Jacob deGrom’s Changeup




Jacob deGrom is on another planet right now. The man struck out fifteen Nationals hitters on Friday, including this K of Trea Turner on an absolutely filthy changeup. We know he can hit triple digits, we know he can paint sliders on the corner of the zone, and now we know he can throw ridiculous changeups that fall out of the zone. Good luck, NL.


4/23 – Yu Darvish’s Slider




Yu Darvish throws about 11 different pitches (no, seriously) and his slider just might be my favorite. Filthy movement, deceptive velocity, and pinpoint accuracy. Unhittable.


4/24 – Chris Bassitt’s Sinker




Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Hits his spot, gets filthy movement, fantastic camera angle. This is an A+ nasty pitch by Chris Bassitt.


4/25 – Dustin May’s Curveball




We meet again, Dustin May. It’s a very similar pitch to the first one from 4/19, and the people voted both of them the best of the day. Which do the people prefer in a head to head matchup? Only you, the people, can decide!


What was the Nastiest Pitch of Last Week?


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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