The 10 Nastiest Pitches from Saturday

Kevin Gausman's sensational splitter, and more...

Every morning, the We Love Baseball crew reviews the Nastiest Pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious high-definition GIFs. We want to bring you the highest caliber of nastiness possible, so if you see a nasty pitch, please tell us about it. You can tweet @PitcherList to let us know and we’ll give you a shout-out here in the article if your tip makes the cut.

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Kevin Gausman’s Splitter




San Francisco Giants ace Kevin Gausman has been exactly that over his first 6 starts – he is 2-0 with a 2.04 ERA with 40 strikeouts. This phenomenal 86 mph splitter to down Eric Hosmer was pure fire.


Joe Musgrove’s Curveball




Watching this game live, I let out an almighty “Wow!” seeing this nasty disappearing 83 mph curveball from Joe Musgrove completely befuddle Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski. That drop is nothing short of serious.



Max Scherzer’s Changeup




Fresh off a complete game and the birth of his third child, life is good for Max Scherzer. His elite changeup was also on point today – this 86 mph effort made the hot Giancarlo Stanton look a little silly.


Aroldis Chapman’s Four-Seam Fastball




Puuuuuuure heat from Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman! This 101 mph heater high and inside to Ryan Zimmerman was the best “don’t mess with me” pitch of the day.


Carlos Martinez’s Changeup




Take a knee, sir! That was the comment bubble coming out of Cardinals starter Carlos Martinez’s mouth after this stunning 85 mph changeup up left Dom Nuñez pledging his service to the veteran starter.


José Ureña’s Slider




One of the more surprisingly improved starters this year has been Tigers veteran José Ureña. So, I thought I would show him some love and big up this delicious 85 mph slider to strike out Miguel Sano today. Tasty!


Lance Lynn’s Cutter




The remarkable element of this Lance Lynn cut-fastball is its difference from his usual cutter that has a sharp bite at the end. This 89 mph cutter has more of a slider feel to its movement and was way too good for Hunter Dozier.


José Alvarado’s Sinker




This pitch from fiery Phillies late-inning reliever José Alvarado was simply unhittable – a 101 mph sinker that nestles low on the inside corner. Poor Dansby Swanson…you just want to give him a cuddle and say everything is going to be ok.


Jeurys Familia’s Slider




The Mets bullpen has been terribly unreliable over the past month but one steady presence has been veteran Jeurys Familia. This perfectly placed 89 mph slider to Carson Kelly shows his worth. Thanks to PL+ member nvita for the spot on this nasty pitch.


Adrian Houser’s Sinker




Another Brewers win, another solid outing for the unheralded Adrian Houser. He set a season-high strikeout total of 10 today, with 8 coming off the two-seam fastball. This filthy 94 mph sinker easily disposed of Marlins catcher Chad Wallach.


What was the Nastiest Pitch on 5/8?


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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  1. DB says:

    Poll isn’t showing up for me, but it was between Mad Max and the Cuban Missile… and if I could vote, I think Mad Max takes it, but it’s basically a coin-flip… and I’m saying this as a Yankee fan. Love me some Mad Max though. Never doubted a return to greatness from him.

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