The 2022 Pitcher List Prospect Tournament: The Final 4

It's the Final Four

It is Final 4 time! 68 players entered and these are the best of the best that have survived and advanced.

Here are the matchups in the Final 4.

*NOTE: 2021 stats won’t be included with matchups moving forward, it seems a bit redundant.

You can also view the entire updated tournament bracket here and the introduction of the tournament here.


 The Final 4


 WINNER (1) OF Julio Rodríguez, SEA (Trout Regional Champion)

(2) P Grayson Rodriguez, BAL (Griffey Regional Champion)

(1) OF Julio Rodríguez vs. (2) P Grayson Rodriguez


Even with the elite pitch mix and command of Grayson, it’s hard to champion any pitcher as the best prospect. The variance and non-linear nature of pitching development is difficult enough but when you add a generational talent like Julio on the other side, Grayson didn’t have much of a chance. In fantasy, I am curious with what the Orioles decide to do with GrayRod in the first couple of months. He did get touched up in his ST debut and hasn’t pitched about Double A. Could some seasoning in Norfolk actually be what he needs to assume greatness? Or is the delay of the inevitable going to do more harm?


WINNER (2) SS Bobby Witt Jr., KCR (Rodriguez Regional Champion)

(3) SS Noelvi Marte, SEA (Harper Regional Champion)

(2) SS Bobby Witt Jr. vs. (3) SS Noelvi Marte


Similar to Grayson, Marte defeats the majority of the prospects across from him but he happened to run into a player that also looked like a major leaguer throughout all of Spring Training. Witt Jr. did everything asked of him and will be rewarded by making it to the Show. Look out for Marte however, something tells me he will be a #1 seed in next year’s tournament.

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