The 4 Best MLB Moments from Friday

Can JoRam's necklaces get even better?!

Believe It or Not, Non Si Può Stoparlo!


Don’t look now, but Giancarlo Stanton is on one of his bi-annual home run streaks. He’s gone yard in his last four games, and last night he hit an absolutely gargantuan shot.

Rarely do you see a home run where not a single person on the field moves. Because when Stanton hits the ball like that, there are two appropriate reactions:

Exhibit A – Sean Manaea (sour disbelief)


Exhibit B – The Yankees bench (joyous disbelief)


I love how each Yankee is stunned in their own unique way. Gary Sánchez doesn’t know what to do with his hands. Andrew Velazquez is left speechless. And for some reason, all Tyler Wade can do is tilt his cap.

The point being, no matter who you are, when Stanton absolutely connects with a baseball like that, you’re gonna be left in disbelief.


Taste the RainbO’s!


The vibes were good in Baltimore. After a dreadful August, they put together back-to-back wins against the Angels.

And on Friday against the Rays, Austin Hays hit a fourth-inning bomb to bring the Os to within one run. Baltimore looked like they could tie their longest winning streak for the season (yes, three games).

In the dugout, Hays had to “taste the rainbO’s.”

If you’re an Oriole fan who doesn’t know how the game ended, don’t worry about it! Seriously, just enjoy Hays enjoying some delicious Skittles (not a paid advertisement, I swear).


One Milestone Down, One To Go


The Detroit Tigers know great hitters.

Ty Cobb is arguably the greatest pure contact hitter ever. Al Kaline was a consistent force at the plate for nearly two decades. And Miguel Cabrera is one of the best batters of this generation.

Going into the 2021 season, Cabrera needed just 13 HR and 134 hits to raise his career totals to 500 and 3,000, respectively. About a week ago, Cabrera knocked one milestone down with his 500th career blast in Toronto.

Yesterday, the Tigers returned home and honored Cabrera’s achievement in front of an adoring crowd of fans.

Here’s that special moment, with a guest appearance from Cabrera’s family, who changed the 499 into 500.

As if the day couldn’t be any sweeter, Cabrera knocked in a pivotal game-tying run in the fourth inning for career hit No. 2,959.

Just 41 hits to go.


Is This Baseball’s Best Necklace?


You may have noticed that when José Ramírez hit his 30th home run on the season, his chain was hopping about as he hopped around the bases. And no, Ramírez wasn’t wearing a photo of himself wearing a chain—that happened Thursday.

Instead, he was rocking something arguably even cooler. Check this out.

Please tell me where I can get that. I’m not kidding. If anyone reading this knows where to get that chain, please hit me up!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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