The 4 Best MLB Moments from Friday

Tatis, Nola, and a TOOTBLAN.

Fernando Tatis Jr.


One of the things that this article is not supposed to be is just a pure highlight reel because baseball is so wonderfully silly and fun beyond just what happens in the action of the game itself, but there are times where players do something so incredible that we have to include it here.

Fernando Tatis Jr. did that last night, hitting three absolute bombs in his first three plate appearances, a franchise record.





Yeah, this kid is special.


Tatis Jr. Isn’t the Only One Having Fun


Slam Diego has really spoken to the good folks of San Diego. They have been unfairly treated for too long, scapegoated as why the Chargers had to leave town, and accused of being a small market (as far as California standards go, they are indeed a small market, but San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States), but they are here now to show people they are for real. The crowd was absolutely electric tonight, and one fan wanted to share the good vibes with all of us at home.



Live Every Day Like It’s Nola Day


I know I said above that this isn’t supposed to be a highlight reel, but my god did we have to get two amazing performances on a single day?

Aaron Nola tied a record for consecutive strikeouts with 10, joining Hall-of-Famer Tom Seaver as the only other pitcher to accomplish such a feat. That’s pretty good company to be in, not like we haven’t seen this type of potential for Aaron Nola for years.



The Arizona TOOTBLAN


If you aren’t familiar, TOOTBLAN stands for Thrown Out On The Bases Like A Nincompoop. Essentially, it refers to any time a baserunner just goes completely brain-dead on a play and runs himself into an out for no apparent reason.

I’m not throwing out any conspiracy theories or anything, but it would be a really great tool a team could use to tank, especially in conjunction with their pitching deciding not to get any outs without at least giving up a run first. Foolproof plan to get a top pick in the draft.

But that’s irrelevant because obviously there’s no way Arizona is doing that right? Their runners are actually just this incompetent?



Uhh… yikes.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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