The 4 Best MLB Moments From Saturday

The final night games of the regular season did not disappoint.

What an utterly insane ending we’re getting to the 2021 season. Going into Sunday, we have the potential for a four-way tie for the AL Wildcard, plus a Game 163 to determine the NL West champ. AND ALL THE GAMES START AT ALMOST THE SAME TIME TOMORROW! Haha I’m sure I’ll be fin-


Big Mood


To sum up how I’m feeling right now, please see this man just going hogwild on what looks like an old, barebones jetski outside of Oracle Park:


Hell yeah man, hell yeah.


Odd Year…


And speaking of the Giants, if you weren’t aware they’re currently in possession of clears throat The Best Record In Baseball. They had 5.7% playoff odds on March 31st according to Fangraphs. They’re obviously no strangers to success, having won a trio of titles in 2010, 2012, and 2014 which were explained partially by a rather blue descriptor that got shortened to EYBS. Well, their success in 2021 is also being fueled by some stuff you wouldn’t expect:

Mayhaps a little OYBS has crept in? Who’s to say, but what a year it’s been in San Francisco.


Lost And Found


Sticking with coverage of division winners, we got to see some more fun times with Eloy Jiménez last night in Chicago. First, he lost a ball in the sky, but saved it and made the out which is always fun because you get to laugh at a guy without it feeling too mean:


And then, while it was being discussed, he decided to let Steve and Jason know he was on to them:


How did he know? Well, White Sox OFs just seem to Know, from Bo to Eloy.


All Things Both Great And Small


Ok, this is kind of a weird entry for these articles because it’s mostly just that I have to tell you this: If you didn’t watch the Mariner’s game last night, go do that. You probably have just enough time to get through it before the afternoon games start and it was amazing. It was only Game 161, but nobody told the Seattle fans that it wasn’t the postseason because I mean, just listen to them when Mitch Haniger hit a single to drive in the tying and go-ahead runs:


We also got to see easily the best use of the third baseline cable cam I’ve seen to date as J.P. Crawford sprinted home from second base and was, I am willing to wager, very excited:



Haniger wasn’t resting on his laurels over at first, either:

It got to the point that when Kyle Seager hit a flare out to CF that brought in another insurance run in the next at-bat, the TV booth entirely lost command of the English language for a good chunk of the play:

Baseball is truly amazing, I have no real reason to feel particularly attached to the M’s, and I still have plenty to worry about for my Yankees on their own, but I am still feeling the adrenaline draining out from watching that game as I write this.


Here’s to doing it all again tomorrow.



Featured image by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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