The 4 Best MLB Moments from Thursday

The BEST of Thursday's games.

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the end of yet another fantastic week in the world of baseball. This means… there’s weekend baseball to look forward to. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, but if it hasn’t been fantastic, may your weekend be much better. Speaking of fantastic things, we had a slate of baseball games yesterday. While it wasn’t a full slate of games (the powers that be at PitcherList love me enough to give me the shortened slate every week), we still had enough great moments worth sharing:


Disneyland Fast Passes, Sunscreen, Water, and…Baseballs



As a supporter of the fanny pack (aka the “Butt Bag”), any time I see a fellow fanny pack owner do something great, it feels twice as good. So, seeing this fan catch the ball with the fanny pack (although they did miss the ball with their hands, hilariously enough) has me on Cloud Nine right now. I am so happy for this well-prepared fan.


Albert and Yadi, Two Besties


For those of you not old enough to remember, Albert Pujols used to play for the St. Louis Cardinals before he spent a lifetime and a half with the Angels. There, he was friends with a pretty good catcher named Yadier Molina.



This is the wholesome content we need every day. I also want to point out that Albert’s shirt is just incredible. What a sense of style!


El Mago Strikes Again!


This season has been just chock-full of El Mago moments. So, here’s another magical moment from Javier Báez:



We already knew Javy has a 1,000 Baseball IQ, but here’s yet another reminder of that. Great slide!

I almost feel bad for Isan Díaz, who was reaching out to tag Báez and got everything else right…except for the part where he had to apply the tag. He should’ve known El Mago had something up his sleeve.


Do a Little Shimmy!


If you throw a nasty pitch, you get to do a little shimmy. That’s the rule, and Marcus Stroman is here to follow it!



Have a fantastic weekend! There’s going to be a lot of baseball to watch, of course, and there’s going to be plenty of other sports to go around. Pick whatever makes you happy!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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