The 4 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Close to 500, ball off the glove, and a moonshot.

We’re hitting the time of year in the baseball season where things begin to become really, really fun. The NL West race has been tight all year. The AL East has been fun and the NL East has been absolutely insane. It’s going to be really fun over the next month. But, for now, let’s just focus on Wednesday, and all the fun we had.


Juuust Missed It


There are very few plays in baseball more exciting than a robbed home run. The athleticism, the jump, the timing. It’s all so impressive. When you can tell it’s close, you sit up in your seat. Well, we got close on Wednesday. SO close.

Ketel Marte is one of the most exciting players in the league, but unfortunately, he’s been hurt quite a bit this season. He was just an inch or two away from one of the best catches of the season, and something that puts the Diamondbacks season in one gif:

Now, it’s not that the Diamondbacks have had the season just slipping out of their hands. We know that they’re not good. But it’s symbolic of things just not going their way. Marte was just inches away. But that’s why we love baseball; it’s a game of inches.


Miggy Watch


It’s really exciting when a legendary player is close to a milestone. Every at-bat is must watch. We all want to be able to say we saw this player achieve greatness. That’s what we have with Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera is easily one of the best hitters of his generation, winning a triple crown and two MVPs for that hitting prowess. He’s one of the best ever. And sure, he hasn’t exactly been Miguel Cabrera over the last few seasons. But now, we can tune back into his at-bats just as we did when he was closing in on the triple crown or when he was winning his MVPs. We want to see Miggy achieve another milestone in his Hall of Fame career.

Make sure you’re paying attention.


That’s Just Rude


Position players pitching is always something that you have to watch. Usually, it’s because it’s so bad that it’s good. If that’s not the case, then it’s because you’re rooting for the team that is facing the position player. That was most likely the case on Wednesday when Francisco Mejia took the mound. 

The Red Sox were already taking it to the Rays, and then in the eighth, it got worse.

Francisco Mejía took the mound and had to face Xander Bogaerts and it didn’t go well for Mejia.

Some of the home runs off of position players are stunning to look at. You can remember back to Yermín Mercedes‘ homer off of Willians Astudillo earlier this season. This one is different. Xander hit this OVER the Monster. Off of a pitcher, who threw the ball that… well, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly fast.

That is some serious power.


Good Boy Fan


I don’t have much to say about this. Just that you should enjoy it and take it all in. 

The Mariners had Bark at the Park night and this is some of the best baseball content you’ll see all year. Just look at this cute dog and how much it’s enjoying a day at the park.

I hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s action, and have a good Thursday. Tune into the Field of Dreams game, while you’re at it.

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