The 4 Best MLB Moments From Wednesday

Hall of Fame ceremonies, weird foul tips, and stars being fans.

Wednesday was a special day in baseball. We had our Hall of Fame players go into Cooperstown! Congrats to everyone. It was awesome, as is every ceremony. Aside from the speeches, we had some fun moments from Wednesday’s action. Let’s get into it.


Larry Walker’s Shirt


Larry Walker is an absolute legend. And it’s not just because of what he did on the field… although it helps. 

When Walker found out that he was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he did an interview on MLB Network, as most players do. Except… he had a different kind of shirt on.

SpongeBob! I mean, how can you not love this outfit? Especially while finding out that you’re being named one of the best baseball players ever! Well, he decided to one-up it on Wednesday.

He wore a PIN! While he was being inducted! This is a great way to pay tribute to not only the most important day in your baseball career but an awesome internet meme. What a legend.


Jeter’s Induction


Derek Jeter is a baseball legend; no matter your opinion on him, he’s one of the most famous baseball players ever. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Wednesday, and it came with some good content. 

We all remember the “Re2pect” hashtag on Twitter during his final season. And the face of that is a picture of a young boy tipping his hat to Jeter. Well… have a look:

This is his nephew now. Then, he was giving him a serious hat-tip. Now, he’s smiling for his uncle’s Hall of Fame induction. That is the kind of wholesome content you love to see. Yet, this isn’t the only person who looked up to Jeter that watched his induction:

Jazz Chisholm, a budding superstar, looked upon Jeter’s induction as he sat. Jeter is an owner of the Marlins, and Jazz looked up at an idol of his as he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. How cool!


Foul Tip…?


Back to the action of the day. We see foul tip strikeouts all of the time. You just miss a pitch and clip it into the catcher’s glove. It’s almost an everyday occurrence. However, we saw something on Wednesday that was a foul tip… but different. 

This was officially ruled as a foul tip strikeout. It’s weird, though. If I look at it a certain way, I might think it is a popout to the catcher in foul territory. The catcher didn’t catch it in his glove after Myles Straw just got a piece of it. He had to move and catch it with his bare hand.

It wasn’t a normal foul tip, but it was ruled as such. Either way, it was weird.


Two Legends


There are a lot of legends and future Hall of Famers in our game today. But, there aren’t a lot of them on the same team. We have that with Max Scherzer and Albert Pujols. No matter where they are in their respective careers, they are legends. Max Scherzer thinks so, too. 

When the Dodgers went to St. Louis, Scherzer just had to be a fan:

Not only is Pujols a Cardinals legend, but Scherzer grew up in St. Louis! This is amazing content with two Hall of Famers, with one being a fanboy. This is the best baseball content. A superstar is a fan of another.


Have a terrific Thursday.

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