The 5 Best MLB Moments from Friday

Apparently there's nothing as interesting as a real New York rat.


A Real New York Rat Saga, ft. Lindor and McNeil


There was mayhem in Queens. From David Peterson’s complete collapse of control in the second to Patrick Mazeika‘s walk-off in his second major league at-bat, there was a lot to see on the field.

But the biggest commotion didn’t happen on the baseball diamond. Rather, the biggest spectacle was in the Mets dugout tunnel.


What could be more important than baseball? Well, as Francisco Lindor put it, a “real New York rat.”

I have literally never seen someone so excited to talk about a rat before. I guess Lindor hasn’t spent enough time in the New York subway system, where the uptown and downtown rats are intracity rivals who all love pizza.

Apparently the whole situation was a very passionate “debate” between Lindor and Jeff McNeil, who argued that it was a possum.

Marcus Stroman didn’t pick sides.

However, I am a bit skeptical of such an… oddly passionate situation over New York City’s urban wildlife. A simpler explanation? Perhaps, there was a bit of a kerfuffle between Lindor and McNeil?

In the postgame interviews, everyone stuck to the “rat vs. raccoon” story. If there was a quarrel, we may never find out. Rat, raccoon or not, whatever happened in that tunnel gave the Mets the spark they needed as Lindor clobbered a a game-tying dinger that very inning.

Why do these things always happen to the Mets?


Captain Jack Will Hit It High Tonight


Adam Wainwright knows a thing or two about home runs. Not only is he one of baseball’s most tenured veterans, but also he has the second most home runs of any active pitcher with 10. So when Jack Flaherty absolutely demolished a pitch off his longtime friend Austin Gomber, Wainwright was frozen in shock.

I had the same reaction watching this 106.2 MPH EV, 416 foot BOMB for Flaherty’s first career home run.




The Secret to Miley’s No-Hitter…


Watch out 1968, THIS is the year of the pitcher. Strikeout rates are at an all-time high (24.2%). Batting average is at an all-time low (.233). We have already seen four no-hitters before the end of May, something that has only happened in 1917.

Wade Miley joined this ever-growing club with 8 K, 1 BB crushing of the Indians—the second time Cleveland has been no-hit this year. To what do we owe the credit for such a historic game?


There’s Something in the Bay Area Water


Speaking of secret powers… what is happening in San Francisco?

The Giants are cleanly in first in the NL West, thanks to their elite starting pitching (2.85 ERA—second best in baseball) and top-ten offense. Yesterday, Anthony DeSclafani and the Giants bullpen held a stout Padres lineup in check as they won 5 – 4. What is the secret behind their success?

Mustaches, obviously.

“Mustache May” began back with the Giants’ Class AAA affiliate in Sacramento in 2019. Mike Yastrzemski joined the trend and began a red-hot stretch that ultimately led to his call-up. Austin Slater experienced some of the same luck when he tried it out. Yaz returned to that look with his recent return from the IL.

Unfortunately, some Giants are struggling with their mustache-growing abilities.

So far in May, Mauricio Dubón is just .143/.250/.357 over 16 PAs. Coincidence? I think not.


The Say Hey Kid Turns 90


Willie Mays has few equals in baseball history. If Mike Trout (76 bWAR) wants to catch up to Mays (156.1 bWAR), Trout has to basically duplicate everything he has already done in his career.

Thankfully, Mays is still alive, and in fact he just turned 90 on May 6! The Giants celebrated his birthday by bringing him to Oracle Park in a stylish, customized ride.

Here’s to 90 more for this one-of-a-kind legend!



Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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