The 5 Best MLB Moments From Saturday


Oh you thought the Votto fun was limited to just Friday? You sweet summer child, the Vottoing never stops. That, plus the rest of the best stuff from Saturday.


Joey Moppo Cleans ‘Em Up


Earlier this week, The Athletic ran an article containing a whole heap of amazing Joey Votto-related anecdotes. Earlier on Saturday, the Reds tweeted out some of their favorites:

While that tweet is honestly probably enough alone to make it into my write-up, Votto decided to go out and make a heads-up highlight play to really seal the deal. A triple play, specifically:

Given the situation here, Votto could (should?) have run over and tagged third base himself to make it one of the most unlikely unassisted triple plays of all time, but I guess Joey doesn’t like to hog the spotlight like that.

Even with the assist, though, it was pretty a pretty singular situation:


Return Of The Kaz


Prior to Saturday afternoon I had never heard of Sean Kazmar Jr., and even then it was only from this cryptic Jeff Passan tweet:

I was expecting some kind of underdog prospect story about a dude I somehow hadn’t heard of. Maybe a last-round flier who had lit the minors on fire in 2019 or something. But the real story is much more interesting:

While he’s far from the first player to have a gap in their MLB years, he is the first one to be putting in the work in the minors the whole time. 

Kazmar Jr got his chance in the 5th inning, pinch-hitting for Huascar Ynoa. Unfortunately, he grounded into an inning-ending double play, but hopefully, he’ll get another shot to add at least one more hit to his line.


Ugh, Boston Drivers…


It brings me no pleasure to say this but: The Red Sox are sitting pretty atop the AL East standings with a 10-4 record, including a nine-game winning streak. On Saturday afternoon they took down their mortal clothing enemies the White Sox, with the go-ahead hit being a home run off the bat of Marwin Gonzalez. It was quite an aesthetically pleasing shot, all told:


And that means Marwin got to go for a ride:

As somebody who had to suffer through the streets of Boston for several years in college, I am glad he has a driver to deal with the stress, at the least.




PL fave Zack Greinke hit a pretty big career milestone tonight:

But much more importantly, he also showed off his baseball IQ in a way that only he can do:

While the TV booth gives him credit at the time for saving a dropped line drive, they later came around to the idea that Zack intentionally dropped the ball to turn two. Which is what I’m going to believe regardless of the truth. I also deeply appreciate the pump fake to every base before he finally decides on third base as his target.

But are you ready for a Greinkefact that will really blow your mind? From our own Jordan White, try this on for size:


99 With Afterlife


Fernando Tatís Jr. stepped into the box in a 1-run game in the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, which can already be a scary situation. Plus, he was facing Dodgers flamethrower Victor González. Down 0-1, González threw a fastball inside at 99, but I think he might have also attached some kind of ghostly apparition because it scared the bat right out of Tatís Jr’s hands.


Tatito didn’t let his brush with the supernatural override his manners though, as he immediately apologized to Austin Barnes for his inadvertent bat flip.

And in case you wanted to see that again, but slower this time:



Hopefully, this all helps fight off your Sunday Scaries.

Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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