The 5 Best MLB Moments from Saturday

The best of Saturday's action.

Happy Sunday, folks! And Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating. Yesterday was another great day of baseball (when there’s baseball on, are there really any bad days?), as we enjoy the second half of June and approach the end of the first half of a full 2021 season. We celebrated Juneteenth, watched a devoted Joey Votto fan go through a rollercoaster of emotions, and more!


Devoted Fan of Joey Votto, Rejoice!


Joey Votto took offense to a check-swing strike three call by the third-base umpire in yesterday’s game and had some things to say:

Unfortunately, that was bad news for this devoted fan, who was looking forward to seeing Mr. Votto play a ballgame in San Diego for the very first time:

But, things got a little better for Abigail a few innings later:

A good game, a signed baseball, and some popcorn? How much better can it get?


Moth Love Bat


Moths are attracted to bright lights. So, it would make sense that this Angel Stadium moth would be attracted to Justin Uptonwho has caught fire over the past month.

Upton definitely took a swing at that moth. That’s a strike, ump!


Gio Urshela, the One-Eyed Man


Gio Urshela broke his bat in the bottom of the second on a sweet pitch from Chris BassittNothing out of the ordinary with that, right? Well, unfortunately, bats are made out of wood. And when wood breaks, it can break into tiny, annoying splinters. It just so happened that Urshela got one of those splinters in his eye during the play, which slowed him down enough to turn his broken-bat groundball into a double play.

He got his shot at redemption against Jesús Luzardo in the 8th inning:

Even with one good eye, Urshela is crushing balls to dead center field!




Yesterday was Juneteenth, a celebration for the end of slavery. The Mariners celebrated the holiday by throwing it back to their local Negro Leagues franchise, the Seattle Steelheads.

The Giants also took inspiration from their local Negro Leagues franchise:

And, the Marlins took part in some Juneteenth activities:

Other clubs took part in Juneteenth activities as well, with some clubs sponsoring an entire week’s worth of activities around the Juneteenth holiday.


Best Moments from Future MLB Players


Saturday marked the beginning of the College World Series in Omaha. That means plenty of first-round talent on display, from Vanderbilt’s two aces to North Carolina State’s sluggers.

The first game pitted Stanford against NC State.

We also had Arizona against the mighty Vanderbilt in the second game of the day, which went to extra innings. And, Arizona needed the good vibes to continue against Vandy into the 12th inning of the contest. Hence, the rally cap to end all rally caps:

Unfortunately, the rally cap didn’t bring the good vibes to Arizona’s hitting with runners in scoring position, as Arizona failed to capitalize with the runner on second in the top half of the 12th inning

However, Vandy did not fail to capitalize on their opportunity in the bottom half of the 12th inning:

Tomorrow, Tennessee takes on Virginia and Texas takes on Mississippi State. Both games are on ESPN2.


Now, get out there, enjoy your Sunday, enjoy your Father’s Day, and enjoy your baseball (whether that’s collegiate-level or professional level)!

Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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