The 5 Best MLB Moments From Sunday

Wild Card drama on the final day of the regular season

Game 162


Let’s recap where we started the day, shall we?


Yes, the remarkable and dramatic race for the last two spots in the American League Wild Card race had numerous connotations that could have well resulted in a unique Game 163. However, one superstar outfielder for the New York Yankees did not let it get that far. In dramatic fashion, Aaron Judge walked it off with an infield RBI single in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Rays to send them to the postseason.


The Yankees really laid it all out on the line, especially Gio Urshela at third base, who made a late entry for the catch of the year.


It was “all rise, all smiles” in the rooms after the game.


There was extreme tension for the Yankees as earlier in the day, the Blue Jays had blown away the Orioles thanks to a George Springer Grand Slam.


The vibe was high in the Blue Jays dugout as they sensed something special about to happen.



But the Blue Jays fell short in dramatic fashion as Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers set up “The Rivalry” Wild Card Game in the American League with his 38th home run of the year late in the day against the Nationals.


Vladdy Jr. was far from pleased at the news.


What a day! And what a week to come. Are you ready for the Wild Card Series?


The Bold And The Beautiful


…or in this case old steam and young heat. The home run title will be shared in 2021 between two players at the opposite ends of their baseball careers – sensational veteran Royals catcher Salvador Perez and bright young infielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr./strong>.


Both sluggers reached 48 home runs on the year, quite the achievement. For Vladdy Jr. in particular, it was a true emergence of a new star in baseball.


There were further reasons for Salvy to book his early ticket into the Baseball Hall of Fame, also.


Arise, our Home Run Kings!


Giants Win NL West


For the first time since 2012, the San Francisco Giants beat out the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the NL West. There were also other important milestones to celebrate.


As you would expect, the Giants were in full party mode after triumphing in a division that was only meant to be a two-horse race between the Dodgers and the Padres.


One man who had a bittersweet feeling was Brandon Belt. The slugger was hit on the hand last week and suffered a broken bone in his left thumb. Still, he practiced safe partying.


It’s ok, though, pitcher Logan Webb is already replacing Belt’s power in the lineup. Could it be the last ever home run by a pitcher?


Tearful Goodbyes


As with the end of the season in any professional sport, with it comes a host of retirements, expiring contracts, and changes in personnel and life choices. There were some that couldn’t hold back the emotions on a rollercoaster of a final day. One of those was Mr. Nationals himself, World Champion infielder Ryan Zimmerman.


He departs the ball club with a list of honors unsurpassed within the franchise.


Another veteran overcome with emotion was longstanding Mariners third baseman, Kyle Seager. It was all a bit too much for the hardy professional.


He even got to catch the first pitch off of his son prior to the game.


It’s these moments that make you appreciate all the hard work these players have put in over the years and the enjoyment it has brought us all.


Umpire Up & Over


Sometimes, you just have to put yourself in a position to make the correct call…


Sliding Into The Postseason




Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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