The 5 Best MLB Moments from Thursday

Thursdays are the best days for MLB fun.

Hi, PitcherList friends! I hope you’re all doing well this Friday in August. As we get back into the swing of things and the weather starts changing, don’t forget to check in on your friends! It never hurts to send a quick text. Just like it never hurts to watch a ton of baseball all day, every day. You can never go wrong with watching more baseball.

Non-MLB reminder: tomorrow is the gold medal game for the Olympic baseball competition. It will feature the #1 team in the world in Japan and the surging United States. If you’ve missed PitcherList’s coverage of the games so far, you can check it out under the “Olympics” tab on the site!


Tyler Anderson’s…Windup?


I really hope Johnny Cueto is watching Tyler Anderson’s windup because it seems they have some tips to share with each other!

Talk about disrupting a rhythm, man. As a major league hitter, how in the world do you figure out when to go into your hitting motion?


Adam Engel Got it Twisted


Adam Engel, the White Sox’ resident dog, went out and started chasing his tail in center field! Too bad it was during the play…


Dallas Keuchel probably just needs to take a deep breath and tell himself that there was nothing he could’ve done to help Engel. Tough luck!

Take a look at this from another angle (Engel):


Engel has been a plus defender since coming up to the majors, so I think he’ll recover from this one just fine. Brush it off, king!


A Powernap for Genesis Cabrera


When your catcher (Andrew Knizner) is trying to get you a free out, you do whatever you can to help him out. Genesis Cabrera helped him out and got a bit of shut-eye in the process:



Does that blue glove count as one of the coolest pillows ever? I think so.

Best of all, Knizner was able to nail Joc Pederson trying to steal second base, bailing out Genesis Cabrera after hitting Pederson with a fastball just a few pitches earlier.


Defensive Shenanigans in Phoenix


The Giants were able to mount a huge four-run comeback in the top of the ninth in Phoenix. So, Gabe Kapler had to make some interesting defensive decisions heading into the bottom of the ninth.

For those keeping score at home, that’s a septuple switch! Gabe Kapler has really come a long way as a strategist since his Opening Day mishap in Philadelphia. Good for you, Gabe!


Alcides? More Like Al-Slip-Des!


What a fortuitous bounce from this baseball!



Well, Alcides, that’s a little unfortunate for you. Good thing nobody saw that and it definitely wasn’t included on TV broadcasts and daily recaps for the world to see!


Have a fantastic Friday! Better yet, have a fantastic weekend!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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