The 5 Best MLB Moments from Thursday

The best and wackiest moments from Thursday's games.

Happy Friday, baseball fans! We have now reached the 70-game mark of the MLB season, which means we have played a full season’s worth of baseball (by 2020 standards). Thankfully, there are so, so many more games to come. But, as we learned from last year’s “experience,” don’t take 162 games for granted!

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That’s One Way to Get an Out


First of all, I had no idea who Eli Morgan was before this play. But I have immense respect for him now.



Not to worry, the Man of Steel came back and pitched a couple more innings. He finished off 3.2 innings and struck out five.


Triple Play Alert!


This is an absolute masterclass in horrible baserunning by the Toronto Blue Jays:



How in the world do you mess up a two-on, nobody-out situation with Vladito at the plate? You run with your head down, that’s how. Michael King owes Semien, Bichette, and Guerrero at least one drink each for bailing him out like that. King’s final line wasn’t so pretty anyway, but it probably would have been worse if the Jays had scored at least one run from this sequence.

Bichette tried to make up for his play a little later with a massive hack:



And yet there were still more shenanigans to be had in Buffalo:




Your Regular Shohei Ohtani Content


Ohtani pitched (and hit) for a nearly full house for the first time since 2018. Naturally, there was plenty of ShoTime content to go around:




Miguel Cabrera has seen his share of Major League Baseball. So, he just wanted to make sure Ohtani protected himself appropriately!

Here’s Miggy seeking revenge on the two-way star after Ohtani nailed him with a pitch in the 4th inning:



And, for all his efforts, Ohtani won the most impressive piece of hardware yet!



We Engage in a Mild Amount of Bat-Throwing


Here on the Thursday Edition of The Best MLB Moments, we’ve seen some wild ways to get on base. We’ve even seen players throw their equipment in creative ways to try to make the play. But Randy Arozarena may be the first player to throw his equipment at the ball and succeed!



Great stuff, Randy!



Hot take: these guys are good at baseball.


Appreciating Full Capacity Baseball


It was a slow news day in the wacky baseball world, so I wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate what a full capacity Padres crowd sounds like. Yesterday marked the first time the new and improved Padres were able to play in front of a full crowd and the Friar Faithful did not disappoint.



Baseball is healing.

Now, get out there and watch some baseball (and vote for some All-Stars)!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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