The 5 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

It's understood that Hollywood sells Californication

Why does all the fun stuff happen on the west coast? I don’t mean to complain, but it feels quite unfair. Shohei Ohtani, Fernando Tatis Jr., the Dodgers… look, I’m just trying to get to bed before the sun comes up here in Kentucky. And yet, the content beckons. What am I to do?

Stay up, obviously. As if it’s a real question. Who can beat these vibes?

Giants fans, apparently. You see the trend here?


Even Mookie Betts‘ mom is feeling the West Coast Vibes:

It’s okay, sleep can wait. There are moments to be listed. Let’s get to it!


Rookie Mode

One man who is all too familiar with West Coast Vibes is Gerrit Cole, the Newport Beach, CA native turned New Yorker. Today, he’s starting in Anaheim, a short drive from where he grew up. Yesterday, he was asked about his strategy for facing Ohtani:

While Cole is keeping his strategy under wraps, the Yankees tried one method for avoiding MLB’s home run leader by intentionally walking him in the sixth last night. It did not work. Why not? Because apparently, he can do this too:

Of note, that steal was Ohtani’s 22nd of the year, which has him on track for the first 50-25 season in MLB history. Did you know he pitches, too? I don’t know, must be the vibes.


Feeling Jocular

Keeping with the theme of California kids, you may have seen that Joc Pederson and Atlanta are in Chavez Ravine this week. For Pederson, a Palo Alto native, it’s his first trip back to his old ballpark with his new team. As you can see, he prepped for the occasion with a trip to his favorite L.A. barber:

It didn’t take long for his new blonde powers to kick in, even against Walker Buehler.

Aaand cue the dugout cam:


We’ve all thought about trying a new look to impress our ex, but this may be the first time I’ve seen it actually work!


He Who Snellt It

Since we’ve stayed in California this long, I feel like I’d be remiss not to mention Blake Snell throwing seven no-hit innings against the Diamondbacks, capping off an excellent August for him after months of mediocrity. He had this ball on a string:

Unfortunately, Snell was pulled in the eighth due to his extended pitch count. The Sneks got a hit, ruining our chance of achieving this wonderful factoid:

It’s a shame, too, because if the no-no was still intact when Manny Machado made this play… man, we’d still be talking about it.

But seriously, thank you, Diamondbacks, for not making me rewrite this whole post by getting no-hit in the middle of the night.


Two Thumbs Up

Okay, that’s enough West Coast Vibes. Let’s return to New York, where the vibes have been at an all-time low as of late. Mets fans, you know it’s bad when Jesús Aguilar is ragging on ya…

Meanwhile, the boobirds were stronger than ever when Javier Baez stepped to the plate. No surprise there.

The surprise came in the bottom of the ninth when Baez stepped to the plate again in a suddenly-close game, down 5-3 with two on and two out. He legged out an infield single, then scampered home to score for a dramatic walk-off finish. Just like they drew it up?

Turns out, winning makes a difference. How about that?


Hallelujah, Amed 

What with all this coast talk, it’s only fair that we finish in the middle, geographically speaking. And no, I don’t mean Iowa (I wish). I’m talking about Amed Rosario, who recorded his MLB-leading fifth four-hit game of the season yesterday. Give this man some love! And a glass of water, after this mad sprint:

Honestly, how often does a player completely circle the bases before a ball is even relayed to the infield? Clearly, Rosario was exhausted because he decided to homer the easy way for hit no. 4.

Rosario wound up going 5-5, which is incredible in its own right. Now consider this incredibly specific stat, and be awed!

All I know is, that dude’s got swagger. Maybe Midwest Vibes aren’t so bad after all.

Wynn McDonald

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