The 5 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Weirdness is Cleveland, fans having fun and a no look catch.

Ahhh, baseball. It’s so fun. And we had some fun on Wednesday, didn’t we? We had a really weird game between Baltimore and Cleveland that saw some odd hits and baserunning from Cleveland. We saw some fans in San Francisco have some fun in the outfield bleachers, and oh yeah, more silly things from a really good pitcher. Let’s get into it, shall we?


José Ramirez’s… um…

Now, we all know that the Orioles are not a very good baseball team. Sometimes, when a team is bad, they do bad things that make us look at the play and just kind of laugh. On Wednesday, José Ramirez was the one to benefit from a weird Orioles play. 

I don’t really know how to explain what exactly happened here. This was scored a single. Other than that, I have basically no words. We’ve all heard of a TOOTBLAN, but what exactly do you call this?

It was a great hustle play by Ramirez, that’s for sure. But why did the first baseman toss the ball when Ramirez was already by the player he threw it to? Why was nobody covering second? Why was nobody covering third? What were they thinking? It was good base running by Ramirez, but if someone can tell me exactly what happened here…?


Rosario’s Hit He Definitely Meant To Do

More weirdness from this game. Eddie Rosario got a hit on a swing he definitely intended to get a hit on. 

We’ve definitely seen contact on a check swing that ends up being a groundout. We’ve seen a players swing on a ball that hits him. But this? Rosario was trying to get away from the pitch and he had his bat in the perfect position to make contact. The most insane thing is that this ball didn’t get foul. It stayed fair the whole time and went the perfect distance that no one could get to it to make a play.

I have to say, this is my favorite hit of the year so far.


Gerrit Cole. How?

Gerrit Cole throws really hard. He does. But Wednesday, he did something I can honestly say I’ve never seen. He threw a 95 mph changeup. 


That’s what we’re all thinking, right? Well, The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler was wondering the same thing.

Lindsey Adler is a fantastic reporter and a great Twitter follow, and she is also a fan, just like us. There was no real follow-up to Cole saying “Yes” to the question other than what she asked. I think everyone else was stunned, too.


Fans Had Some Fun

Now that stadiums are getting closer to full capacity, we get some great stuff from the fans. In Oracle Park on Wednesday, the fans took full advantage of the increased capacity. 

We saw this at Wrigley Park recently, but it doesn’t diminish this great achievement. It’s still super fun, and seeing it when a ball is hit out to left field makes baseball a little more interesting. Plus, it makes us want to see a ball hit to left so we can see the snake in all its glory.

Now, the Wrigley beer cup snake cost almost $30,000 dollars. I wonder how much this one cost.


Are You Kidding?

José Iglesias is a great defensive shortstop. But, my goodness, the play he made on Wednesday was incredible.

The sun was clearly getting in his eyes on this play, but he stayed with it and made the catch. That’s all well and good. But, the best part was, was he even looking at the ball? He turned his head to look away from the sun, stuck his hand out, and still made the catch. That is unbelievable. He’s so good, even without trying. This is something you don’t get in any other sport.

Well, that was a fun day of baseball. Let’s do it again, shall we? Have a great Thursday.

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