The 5 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Fake pitching, fan fun, bending knees and skipping.

It’s one of the most exciting times on the baseball calendar. The trade deadline is on Friday. A lot of the discourse around baseball is about the trades and trade rumors. It really dominates this time of year. However, there’s still entertainment from the actual games, too. Let’s take a look at those!


Brewers Pregame Fun


The Brewers are feeling good. They’re in first place, and they just acquired Eduardo Escobar from the Diamondbacks on Wednesday. The evidence that they feel good and the players are loose? Well, look no further than pregame from Wednesday’s game. 

Not only has Willy Adames been raking since he got to the Brewers, but… he can also throw strikes!

While Adames is out here doing it all, let’s not leave out Manny Piña’s terrific strike call. This would be the best call in the majors, currently, wouldn’t it? It would have to be. Sure, a lot is going on, but would it not hype up fans and pitchers? I think it would.


A Fan Interception… and Turnover


After an entire regular season with no fans, it’s been great to have fans in the stands – not only for the players, but for going to the ballpark, and even those watching on TV. The sounds of the fans in a big moment, after a big hit or a big strikeout? It’s something that we might have taken for granted.

However, there’s something else that was underrated about not having fans. That is the entertainment of seeing what some fans do on foul balls. In Texas, on Wednesday, we got a good interaction in the stands:

The woman is tracking the ball, seemingly ready to catch it. But, oh no! It’s intercepted by a fan a little higher up! She clearly wasn’t ready for him to reach over. She had called everyone off! It was her ball, and she showed that frustration, albeit, it seemed in a joking manner.

No need to worry, though. She got the ball. All’s well that ends well. It’s good to have fans in the stands, enjoying the game, getting along.


Bend The Knee


One of the most underrated parts of baseball is the pitcher’s reaction to giving up an absolute tank. There are plenty of different reactions. Some yell curse words. Some don’t look at the ball. Some just laugh. However, Jesus Tinoco had a different reaction. 

He did what most of us do. Bend the knee to Shohei Ohtani as our new king.

There’s not much else you can do when Ohtani does this. You just have to relax and admire it. I don’t blame Tinoco at all. I would’ve done the same.


A Skip and a Hop


Joey Votto has been white-hot lately. It seems like he cannot be stopped. And, at this point, he might not be able to be stopped. Seven homers in five games? Yeah, Joey Votto still rakes. And he knows it, too.

At this point, it just seems like he’s used to it. He’s enjoying it like the rest of us. If I was as hot as Votto, I would be skipping through life, too.


Another Day at the Trop


We all know how Tropicana Field works. A ball hit in the air can be hard to track, even for players who play half of their games there. Especially a ball straight up in the air. The rafters at The Trop make things hard. Just ask DJ LeMahieu.

Does this look fun? No, not really, if I’m in his shoes. But it sure is entertaining to watch. Especially given the runners at second and third in a two-run ball game. A crazy ending is something that everyone can get on board with.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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